First symptoms?

Hello ladies, what were your first symptoms and how early did you get them? x


  • hi i was really tired and found out day before af due. just had feeling that i was and tested day early.

    good luck becsx
  • Hi the first I noticed was I has a very very emotional day! Our new bed arrived and they couldn't get it up the drive to the house so put it on top of my car and I drove it up myself then lugged it all the way upstairs and unpacked it only to find there were no instrcutions or screws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phone my OH and cried, and was still crying when he came home from work! That was a Wednesday and the test on the Monday as OH was away from the thurs and it was positive. That was a week before I was due on!

  • hi, i found out i was pregnant at 6 weeks after doin a test but to be honest from the moment of conception, i was over emotional, tired,my boobs grew and felt sick. due to irregular periods i didnt test till i was 2 weeks late and it was positive. hope that helps? xx
  • hi i found out at 4 weeks i felt really unwell sort of a weird feelin really dizzy an sick so i did a test 2 days b4 i was due on an the line came up straight away!
    then when i was 7 weeks came the sickness 24/7 the tierdness an the odd headache that would last all day but at 13 weeks it all went and now just ave heartburn lol! x
    16 weeks 2day
  • i had sickness, sore boobs, felt tiard and blotedness all before my period was due i tested 3-4 days before my period.

    with my first i had no symptoms apart from a missed period untill about 6weeks i got sickness.


  • My first symptom was when I ordered a glass of diet coke in the pub ( I was driving!) I took a sip and it tasted 'funny', I normally love the stuff so I had a feeling! Did a pg test the next day and it was positive. The sickness came on at about 6 weeks and I felt terrible until about 17 weeks!
  • Same symptoms as everyone else really sore boobs tired stroppy, moody i knew i was preg i could just tell even before started with anything i just had a feeling did the test 4 days before period due and was positive another girly on the way good luck Sophie 31+3 xx

  • Hi, i didn't really have any symptons other than a late af! I'd tested negative the month before and really didn't want to get my hopes up, tried to put it to the back of my mind so perhaps ignored any symptons!
    Sarah xx
  • Hiya, I had really sore nipples and painful boobs. Also the morning sickness kicked in at about 6 weeks and lasted all day every day on and off till I was 11 weeks.
    Didn't really have any symptoms before I tested, we were trying anyway so I just thought I would do a test and it was positive! That was at 4
  • Hi I tested when my af was a day late. The week before I had sore boobs and mood swings but I put it down to pmt. I started getting really bad heaches a couple days before and just didn't fancy my cups of tea, normally something I can't do without! I also just felt different and had flutterings in my tummy, I thought this was psychological though as I knew there was a chance I was pregnant xx

  • hi
    The first sign i had was i had headace for 3 days before my af was due, i felt funny too, not my self and had very sore boobs more painfull then when af is due. But tested on the day i was due, go nothing then tested day after then got a faint line, then went dark and dark every day for 4 days. was so happy.
    Hope this helps


  • i had sore stingy boobs and felt like my period was on its way
  • Yes from YAYW. I'm starting to think I'm expecting. Really painful boobs being main symptom and I swear they're bigger. Too early to test yet tho. x
  • I thought I recognised your name from YAYW! When can you test? Good luck!! xx

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