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Just wondering at what stage you are all looking to start maternity leave?, I am not due till September (long way off yet), but just wondering whether a month before baby is due is ok to start maternity leave.




  • HI Jayne, I am due on the 14th June and will be starting my maternity leave on the 18th May so about 4 weeks before! Only 11 weeks left to work!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi,
    I'm due on the 30th March & wasn't due to go on Maternity until the 29th February but the hospital advised me to come out early so this is my 2nd week off.
    I spent the 1st week brooding a bit that I had to rest but now I am pretty wrecked & it's a welcome change being able to have a lie down when I need it.
    I think a month before hand is ample time & by that stage you appreciate all the rest you can get!
    Lauren (36+2) xo
  • Hi Jayne
    I'm starting mat leave 2 weeks before due date which is 22nd June. Unfortunately, i will be going back to work after 6 months (unless we win lottery) so wanted to use as much of the leave after baby is born. I'm also using some annual leave which will mean i won't go back to work til 5th Jan 2009!
    It took me ages to figure the whole leave & pay thing out, so hope it all goes to plan!!!
    Sarah xx
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