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Holy crap - 30wks today!!

Title say it all really - i cant believe ive made it this far!!!! After spending so long in the ttc forum (18months ggrrr) and the 3mcs weve had im finally on the countdown to getting our baby!!!! Even after the severe spd and diabeties - Its made it all worth while - im guna get my baby!!!! image

kim 30wks (yey)!!!!!!!



  • huge congrtulations hunni.

    kerry xxx
  • congrats hun. u derserve it.

  • Wow you really do deserve this! Congratulations at being 3/4 of the way there!!

    Bec 25 weeks today x
  • Ahhhh well done hun, what a fantastic acheivement, even more so when you are cuddling your bundle of joy.x x x x
  • Woo -Woo (gettit??) Sooo pleased to see your post- it was just ages on that bl**dy ttc forum !!! Can't wait to have your wit on the baby board, it's so nice to see an 'oldie' appear on there. xxxxxx
  • aww congrats hun the time flys by u will soon be a mummy xx
  • Your post just gave me goose bumps! I'm so excited for you. Only 2.5 weeks behind you woo hoo! x
  • Yey still cant believe it, ive been dying to get out of the 20's and have finally done it!!! Very happy, i know this is my 3rd and im very lucky to already have my 2 lil men already - but no3 is very much wanted and the struggles weve been through has made us appreicate it all the more image

    Hey Kerry, havent spoke to u in ages hun - hopefully once i get to baby thatl change - hows Tamzin, growing fast i expect!!!

    Lol camlo - i get it!!!! Cant wait to come to baby FINALLY!!!! Hows ur little man? I finally get to graduate....feeling like the class dummy at the mo...promise to knuckle down now and get my bum moving now hehe! xxxxx
  • Hi kim,

    yeah she is 27 weeks tomorrow. she is on 3 meals a day. rolls up and down the living room and sits unaided. she is trying to crawl and is teething at the mo, i aint used to the sleepless nights, shes slept through since 6 weeks.

    cant wait to see you on baby, whats your due date? and how is everyone?

    Kerry xxx
  • WOW!!! That has gone fast, i can remember obsessing over OV dates with you like it was yesterday!!!! What a clever girl you have there hun, you must be very proud - sleeping through at 6wks - u lucky thing - i can remember when she was a faint line image !!!

    I cant wait to come over hun - seems like ive been over this side FOREVER!!!! Im due the 10th april BUT ive developed Gestational Diabeties so will be induced at either 37 or in theory i only have 8wks max to go - hoping to have my date in the next few weeks!!!!

    The boys are good, growing fast, R has started school now and C will be 4 in 5wks...there so excited bless them, they cant wait to meet little man now xxxxx
  • god i know i remember he faint line. it took untill my 12 week scan for me and gary to believe it. in 8 weeks its my bd, all my babies have slep through since about 6 weeks, only difference is tamzin still does at 6 months. where as matthew and chloe stared waking at about 5 months and it took a very long time to get them to sleep through. matthew still gets up at 5. we have decided to start trying for numbe 4 early next year.

    kerry xxx
  • I know what you mean - i think after the 4d scan it started to sink in watching him was amazing and bought it home were really going to get him soon!!! Have u got fb yet, would be fab to catch up with you proberly!!

    No - way.......snap and im not talking about the sleeping through bit.....if u get what i mean!!
  • keep thinking about fb but with all the crap on baby its putting me off. god we must be mad if your snap is what i think.

    i have to say i think if we could afford it i wouldnt stop having babies. i love em and being pg lol

    kerry xx
  • I thinking our snap is the same thing hehe - 4 is our no - would of loved twins this time hehe!!! Im one of 5 so really cant imagine having a small family - i love the noise of big families - there was never a dull moment in our house growing up!!!

    Would be fab if u get onto fb, i know what u mean but at least on there you can protect your pics etc by turning your privacy thing on and your msg etc are between eachother not on a forum image
  • Hi Kim,

    Joined FB name is Kerry Stokes on wales network.

    Kerry xxx
  • theres a few on there - whats ur profile pic?
  • its of me and tazin on the day she was born,shes looking up at me.

    kerry xxx
  • Found you! Youve already added me now anyway - msgd u in your inbox so u know its me image Tamzin is gorg hun, so are your other two image xxxxx
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