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Hi Hun,

I saw your post about your scan cost. I am in North London and just paid ??100 for literally about a minute long scan. Your deal sounds pretty good. Do you mind me asking where you went? Also how far gone were you when you had the scan? Could you see much? We want another at about 9 weeks.



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  • Hiya Baby B.

    We went to Lewisham University Hospital in SE London and they were brilliant. She took her time and pointed everything out, answered any questions, worked out my dates (but told me they would be confirmed at our 12 week scan) and explained the report to us. I was just 8 weeks so baby was a blob with a big head but we saw the heart beating and she turned up the volume so that we could hear it too. She left the video running whilst she compiled the report. I would defo recommend them.

    The best thing is that they have Saturday morning appointments so you can go at your leisure. I ticked the "don't tell my doc" box as I have heard that if you have a private scan from 8 weeks on, the NHS may not offer you a 12 week one.
    I only have the general hospital numner - 8333 3000 - but I think the extenstion is 8744. More info on their website www.lewisham.nhs.uk

    Hope that helps!!
  • Thanks hun. I think Lewisham is bit too far from us actually... image Google maps reckons it's about 50 mins drive. There's a place in St Albans I have found that does them for ??75 so might go there, but I have a feeling it will be the same as the other night and will be 5 mins in and out! I guess as long as we see heartbeat that all the matters really (mc at 8+2 last time)

  • How many weeks are you? Sorry to hear about your mc. I can see why you want to put your mind at rest.

    I live in Surrey and it took me nearly an hour to get there but the ones near where I work in the City were extortionate. Give the one in St Albans a call and ask them how it will take. Lewisham told us that we had a 30-45 minute appointment. x
  • I am 7+4 today. We want the next scan on 9th Feb when I will be 9+3.
    Had scan at gynae yesterday and saw hb again (so that's twice in 4 days as had private scan last Thurs!) but as mc was at 8+2 I don't feel like I can relax until I have passed that point.

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