Crashed the car!!


The weather where i am is really bad. snowing!!

I had to go out to pick my MIL up as she is staying the week incase i go into labour.

I was approaching the roundabout and started to break but the wheels just locked and i skidded right into the back of a lorry. Loud bang and LO started crying. Lorry drove off. I managed to pull into the side to check the car and there doesnt seem to be any damage.

I'm 38 n half wks and baby is still moving and i'm not getting no pains different to what i have been getting since my show on friday.

Do you think i need to ring the hosp or do you think everything will be ok as he is still moving? The roads out of my village are blocked so i couldnt get to the hospital.

Advice any one?xx


  • I would ring the hospital and ask them for advice.
  • Sorry to hear about your accident. I love the snow but hate driving in it!

    Im not an expert but i would definately ring your hospital just to be on the safe side and to put your mind at risk.


  • I wont be able to get there, the road is blocked totally! xx
  • if you ring them they will be able to advise you on what to do, at least your mind will be at rest.
  • phone the midwife and ask her and she may have to arrange for you to be airlifted if your completely blocked in... but if your blocked in how were you going to hosp for birth? and where is MIL landing on her broom? image sorry couldn['t resist as my MIL is a troll at times doesn't listen or discuss things just goes ahead and does...
  • haha, its just got blocked since we got back, announcement over the radio. stupid me still went to get her after i crashed!! I really struggled to get back, normal 20min journey took over an hour. and if i went into labour today i think i''d have to have a homebirth - OUCH!
  • Oh my god how scary! The crash and the road being blocked off! id be panicking that i was going to go into labour but then i am a drama queen. My friend fell down stairs in a restaraunt week before she was due and then couple of days after she was due someone crashed into back of her car. She ended up going two weeks over and being induced, her baby was fine we think baby was thinking blimey its dangerous out there im staying in here its a lot safer. My boyfriend fell down stairs on FRiday night i was hysterical (told you i was a drama queen) the shock nearly sent me into labour i was sick for 20 mins after. I wouldnt mind but i felt really bad as id asked him to get me my book from upstairs im reluctant to ask him to do anything now! Actually knowing my oh he probably threw himself down stairs so i wouldnt ask him to do anything else! Seriously you look after yourself no more shocks and you should be fine x
  • i crashed a few weeks ago and mw etc were very reasuring tellin me baby is very well protected but did advise to get checked out if any vaginal bleeding.
    So keep an eye out and make sure baby's still moving about as normal 4 u.
  • hi,
    just checking in with you to make sure you're alright and that your road is open again?
  • Hi.
    The roads are open thank god so if i go into labour then at least i can get there.

    I'm fine, LO is as active as ever!! Been having period cramps coming and going all morning since 6 but they gone and stopped now. BOO!!!

    Hope your ok xxxx
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