weight gain 20-24 weeks?

hello i'm 23 weeks today and only gained half a stone but bump is 2-3 weeks bigger! I'm little anyway, size 8 before pg. And 5'3 image but was just wondering if this is normal or it's still to come? Midwife said i was lacking some weight but didn't say more.


  • Hi last time I weighed myself I had only gained about half a stone, but I havent put weight on anywhere else just on bump. My bump is measuring 2-3 weeks smaller though and I'm only 5ft and size 8 pre pg.
    I think everyone is different so I wouldn't worry as long as you're eating enough and fairly healthily, at least you know your baby is growing fine!
    If you continue to worry just ask your mw when you see her next what she meant when she said you were lacking weight.

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