Help baby monitor BT 150 or Angel Care sensor mat

Hi ladies

I'm stuck between the two of these monitors I like that the BT 150 has a 2 way talk back but also like the angel Care with sensor mat.

Which have you all gone for ? :\?


  • Hey hun,

    This won't help much as I didn't really do a massive amount of research, but on BIL's recommendation we went for the Angelcare, were just about to buy it but then got given one instead. They're really easy to set up, but apparently a bit confusing so you'll need to read the instructions.
  • G/c just to say we have the BT150 (DH did tons of research and it really is fab). However, we then also bought the angelcare sensor mat only (so not the sound monitor bit) when she went into her own room at 10 weeks and that is also fab! x
  • I love my BT150, but I don't use a lot of the extra features (apart from the room thermometer) so for baby number 2 I have just got a bt100, (with the money I saved I can get a good thermometer!) I hope it's as good! xxx
  • Hi, We have gone for the angelcare sound and movement monitor. We went on a few peoples recommendation.
    B xx
  • G/c we have both. brought the BT150 when i was pregnant and the angelcare when she was a few days old for peace of mind at night. We still use both at 10 weeks becasue i find the sound quality on the angel care not as good as the BT150 and DD loves the lullabys on the BT
    Sorry thats no help at all but if BT made a sensor mat for the 150 they would make a fortune!!
    Carly & Freya xx
  • ive been thinking about this too. I really like the 2 way sound but i really want the movement mat as i know i will be panicky. Can you use them together then? that would really solve the problem.
  • i would go for a movement sensor pad over a normal monitor any time
    total peace of mind and really helps you sleep easily xxx
  • Thanks Ladies for this

    I think i will just cut the cost and go for the angelcare its on offer at the moment from boots for ??69.99 and i also have a product code for 10 %.

    For any one wanting the BT 150 it is on offer as well at Amazon for ??49.99

    Thanks for all your replies have really helped xxx
  • You might find Kaycee in Born in April 10 if you want to do her a FAO post & ask her. xx
  • Susiee that sounds perfect to me so let me know if you find out cos i will get both if you can use them together x
  • fab thanks for that Susiee x
  • Hi Girls, I am on a bit of a budget but really want the BT150, I have seen on ebay they have the some for ??39.99 they are sold refurbished (as brand new), fully tested, checked, working and complete, just without the wall bracket or travel bag which i'm not bothered about.

    Do you think these would be a good buy or a bit dodgy.. Maybe it might be worth spending the extra tenner and getting from amazon.

    What do you think? X
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