I feel guilty

Hi ladies,

Im at home today, after just calling in sick. I had friday off too as I was just so tired and bump wsa really hurting (stitch like pulling under belly button and bottom left hand bump). I know its all normal. Yesterday I was so tired I was useless and ended up going back to bed at 2 till 5.

So now Im at home feeling guilty for not being at work. I do enjoy my job, but its pretty demanding and now I am stressin that I should be there. Im 20 weeks and hoped I would be glowing and not so tired by now, but that doesnt seem to be the case.

Im doing really well at work, and love my job, but feel that work gets all my 'good hours' and my poor hubby gets nothing from me at home as I am so tired and can hardly hold a conversation with him.

I feel terrible for not being at work.. whats the matter with me. Why can't I just be at peace with my decision not to go to work and give bump rest and priority - as its far more importnant that work?

SOrry for the long boring moan - just wondered if there is anyone else out there who feels the same..

C xXx


  • oh yes, i can definately relate to how your feeling. im currently startin my 2nd week off sick after doctor said i had to. i also have a demanding and stressful job and am 20 + 4 weeks. my poor fella just gets all the grief too and feel so sorry for him.

    honestly dont feel bad bout not goin to work as you said bump is the most important person in this situation. i keep tryin to find somethin to do. at the mo just chillin on the internet and watchin rubbish tv - jeremy kyle is so bad its good!lol.

    hope that helps and not just another ramble. lol.xxx
  • thank you so much for the reply - the hormones make this all worse! Its great to know that Im not the only one feeling this way. I am quite career driven so its a total shift in priorities that is strange. I do hope you are ok - at least you can just do what the doctor ordered!! Thanks again - its was not a ramble and made me feel much better. xXx
  • hi hon,
    ive just phoned in sick too and am feelng really bad as we're sooo busy in work, was up all night with wind of all things but has left me completely exhausted.
    i feel such a fraud but i couldnt even face having a shower this morning, let alone driving to work and spending a day slaving away....
    i guess theres only so much we can do - despite what we think!!
    hope you feel better soon x
  • you are more than welcome. glad it helped, i think this site is really helpful. xxx
  • I know exactly how you mean, I got signed off at 20 weeks (I'm 34 now) and I can't wait for friday (my last official day in work - even though I'm not there) so I can stop feeling so guilty. I think it's a british thing!!!! It does get better the longer you're off though! Hope you feel better soon, xxx
  • im at the docs today to see if i can go back to work, im so bored at home but worried bout goin back also, so dont know what i want.
    i agree its a british thing, i dont know what to do with myself and feel so bad for been off, im takin the lead from the doc. hope your feelin better. xxx
  • thanks for all the replies ladies. It must be a british thing. Its silly - we all know our bumps are the most importnant thing here so why do we feel guilty. I guess I would be at work normally, even if I felt this rough if it wasn't for bump. I know pregnant ladies who are off all the time just because they don't feel quite right.. so why should we stress.
    Hope you are all feeling better.. I still feel slightly guiltly though! C xXx

  • I know the feeling, for the month of feb I asked my boss if I could work 2 and a half days a week, I am 36+4 today, I finish this friday at 37 +1. I am glad I have cut back because as you say you just get to tired. Over the weekend I have hardly had any sleep and this morning I could have stayed in bed, but I felt guilty and thought I had better come in, I have asked if I can finish early and they have said yes as long as the bulk of my work is done, I am working through my lunch to get it done.
    dont feel guilty work will still be there !!!!!! but maybe you could ask if you could cut your hours down?
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