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Hips and Poo - lovely combination manybe tmi :(


I know that I may not get an answer today as babyexpert is being a bit poo and no one seems to be able to get onto the homepage.

When I am in bed at night I like to sleep on my side, I don't have too many problems with sleeping on my left side as long as i position myself so I'm not putting all my weight on my hip, but I cannot sleep on my right side at all as after a couple of seconds my hip starts to hurt so much that I have to move. The only comfy way I can find to sleep now is on my back with one of legs up and resting on the wall beside me and one laying flat on the bed (I know it sounds bizarre lol) I have been told that laying on your back for long periods of time can be bad for you or the baby (i can't remember which ) so I try not to do it for too long. Is it normal to get these pains? is anyone else experiencing this and should it be something I ask my mw about when I next see her?

Moving on to poo lol..... I have managed not to get constipation at all during my pregnancy and I feel very lucky, but today I felt like I need to go for a poo so I went to the toilet and ended up in there for about 20 mins as it felt like it was never going to happen, I had to strain a bit and started crying as it hurt so much but when I eventually did go there was a small amount of blood in it (wow I know that was way tmi but its the only way I could explain it lol) is this something I should be worried about? could I have done some kind of damage?

Is there ever a time in pregnancy when you are not worrying about something!! :roll:



  • i know, everything is a worry, i have a new worry every day!!
    i like to sleep on my back or my right side (cause hubbie is at left and he major snores so he'd be right in my face if i was on my left side!). i have heard some peole say its bad to sleep on your back, but ive never actually been told that by a midwife so i still do it, and i reckon if it was that bad it would be one of the things they tell you not to do. The position you say you sleep in sounds pretty funny btw! i have pelvis pains thru the day (also hips and back) and when im in bed it can be hard to get into a comfy position. maybe mention it to your mw but i think it prob just the baby squashing on your hip or something. my midwife explained that your pelvis softens in pregnacy giving you pains in pelvis hips and back so it could prob be for the poo thing, i have had that too cause i have had quite a lot of constipation (usually when we are about to go out and hubbie and wee girl just have to wait!) i think the blood will just be because of that and nothing to worry about unless it is bleeding at other times. i have wiped and had blood and freaked out but realised it was from poo area! cause it was in poo too (sorry also tmi!);19;29/st/20080523/dt/5/k/1ec5/preg.png

  • lol thanks for your replies ladies.

    Whatever happened to my dignity I seemed to have left it behind along with my dress sense and my sanity since I got pregnant.

    Haven't had any further blood but I really panicked at the time and triple checked it didn't come from anywhere else.

    The hip thing is so painful but I don't get it during the day (yet!!) only when I'm trying to get my much needed sleep. I will continue to sleep on my back as I feel comfy and I will still stick one leg in the air lol (anything to get a good night sleep) my dh thinks its hysterical and has made the piont of telling me its only going to get worse so I have to learn to live with it lol this is coming from the man who woke me up at midnight last night to tell me he had a sore throat and couldn't sleep lmao

  • hey cazasorry to hear you;ve been suffering quite a bit.
    in regards to sleeping on your back, I only heard/read somewhere that it is not good for you as the baby is likely to lie on nerves or your organs which isnt good. It would be interesting to see what your midwife says though. I have a preferance of lying on my right side. But as i have been suffering from acid reflux at night, I have been trying to lie on my left side as it is meant to be better due to the way your digestive systen lies! You did make me smile as i pictured the postion you lie in to get to sleep image Anything for a good nights sleep hey!

    In regards to the blood, it maybe piles or it maybe just the fact that you have been straining. I have to have some form of fibre ion my cereal or i get constipated....the no fibre in cereals has started to affect my oh too lol! This might sound silly and tmi but if i get constipated but not really bad i find it helps things move if i rock my bottom back and forth on the toilet seat! I dont know how it works but i find after a bit i can open my bowels and relieve myself! ok now that was tmi but i thought id share it. It might just be me and the wierd way my body works but hey!

    take care xxx
  • Hey

    I dont think anyone needs to say sorry for too much info. That's what we are here for. As for the Poo thing. My mum has always told me never to strain. And my friend had her baby last month. She says straining is not good either. Rather rock back anf forth. Not sure if it's old wives tales or not. But they told me not to push cause when giving birth it's like pushing out a big poo and this could aggrivate the baby. Poor bump will be wondering what all the disturbence is all about after they are under the impression its not time yet. But seeing as I heard it from two separate people i reckon i will take that advice and not push.
  • Ok cool, I will remember not to push from now on, but obviously now I'm panicking that I have upset the baby image

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