My OH is in hospital :(

Hi ladies

I'm feeling a bit down today. My OH has been suffering since Monday with really bad stomach pain, unbearable and I have taken him to A and E 3 times. Yesterday had to call an ambulance at 6 am and I was beside myself, Was with him all day doing tests etc. Said his heart was irregular and then 20 mins later said that wasn't causing the pain after majorly panicing us both. Eventually after ultrsounds and blood tests discovered he has gallstones. He is so ill at the moment and i feel so sorry for him got to stay in hospital untill they do an Op image I'm home alone feel so lonley. Hormones are racing and crying all the time image I kinow noone can help me with this just felt i needed to write thanks

10 + 4xxx


  • aaaw Tigger, I'm sorry to hear about your OH! My Mum had gallstones and they are not nice, but he's in the best place and once he has received treatment / had it sorted etc. he'll be a different man.
    I know its not easy but try and look after yourself and bean, your hubby would want you to both take care!
    Much love, Joo xxxxxxx
  • He's in the best place to be looked after hun, theres nothing more that you can do and you know he'd worry if you weren't looking after yourself and your baby.

    Its good to have a vent, this is why I like these forums so much. Maybe you could call a friend to come and keep you company tonight? Or someone from your family? Don't be alone hun, your mind will play tricks on you x

    Hope your OH is OK and the op goes well, sending you healing x
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