Baby moving!!

Since my baby has started moving, my oh hasnt really felt her, he did a few times earlier on, hes felt her kicking a couple of times. But nothing lately because, when weve been at home after work shes usually sleeping. Lastnight we were lying in bed, he had his hand on my belly and she decided to do a full on move, right were his hand was. He was totally grossed out, i couldnt beleive it, he wouldnt come near me for ages and said he didnt like it, and that it felt weird. Then couldnt understand why i was upset.
Has anyone elses oh ever reacted like this? x


  • My OH has said he finds feeling movement very strange but he was always really pleased to feel her move, even if it is a bit weird, esp when I cuddle up behind him at night and he can feel her wriggling about.

    When he said it I replied along the lines of "yes it is eh, good thing I'm not freaked out by it too or I'd be in for a miserable next few months, wouldn't I?!"

    I guess you can decide to be grossed out by it or relax and enjoy it - your OH is taking the hard path here! At least he doesn't have to give birth... blokes do realise how lucky they are on that level, I reckon!

    Good luck - I'm sure he'll come around soon! xx
  • Hi hun. My husband is a little bit grossed out by it too, he said tis amazing but really odd too. How far along are you? He'll get more used to it as time goes on. My 4 year old was so shocked when she felt it move for the first time yesterday. She felt it and was giggling and singing to it and then she took her hand away to see if she could see it move and it decided to roll over completley so the whole bump moved and then there was an elbow or something poking out and she pointed at it and went "urrrgh its moving"! She couldnt belive how odd it looked!
  • Thanx everyone. Im 33 weeks, and its only recently the baby must have started changing her sleeping pattern or something because shes usually sleeping when were at home, so hes never felt it, which i suppose is why he was so freaked out as its new, i just expected him to be as amazed by it as i am! Lol! x
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