Help urgent advice needed!

The girl I work with (sit opposite) has a really bad rash round her neck. I haven't told anyone at work yet that I am pregnant but i'm really worried incase it's measles/rubella or something! i'm only ten weeks so obviously at a critical stage to be catching something! how do i say to her to get it checked or should i jsut tell her i'm PG????? it's probably nothing but you can't be too careful!

thanks in advance! xx


  • Ooooh awkward. I would say 'are you ok, you have come up in a rash', then leave it up to her to tell you what it is...........I dont think she would be sitting at work if she had measles. Did you have your shots as a girl?
  • Try not to panic, it could just be an allergic reaction to something. I would also ask her if she is ok, she may not be aware the rash is there.

    Take care xx
  • she knows she's got it, she keeps saying she feels fine and it will go away! lol i keep saying i think you should get it checked! i've had all my shots i'm pretty sure! you get one at senior school don't you??
  • Hmm, tricky. Have you asked her about it at all or has anyone else? Firstly I would just say something like 'oh your neck looks sore are you ok?' She might then go on to tell you it's because she changed her moisturiser or something innocent! I would imagine that if it was measles or something she would also be feeling unwell and not be at work anyway, but I don't remember how these things develop, possibly rash first, feeling unwell after. If she doesn't know what it is, suggest she sees the doctor. If she's resistant, you might want to mention to her that you're pregnant, as she'll probably be more likely to see the doctor to confirm what it is. Otherwise you could ask your midwife what her advice is?
  • Sorry, didn't see any of the replies before! Yes you probably had a rubella shot when you were about 12 or 13. xx
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