Grapes just arnt enough!

AAAGGGHHHhhh, choc attack!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

there is a box of chocs in the cupboard, and 3 packets of cookies but iv been good and eaten the grapes out of the fridge but they are gone now and all i can think of is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!! image

someone stop me plaese image



  • Go to bed - it's the only thing you can do!!!!!

    Good luck with the resisting hun, xxx
  • I havny had any cravings throughout pregnancy but since i fineshed work at christmas i can not stop eating chocolate! I dont think it is a craving i think it is a combination of really liking chocolate being at home alone all day or having lots of friends pop in for cup of tea i gave up smoking and allways used tohave a cup of tea and a fag, generally being a bit fed up and hormonal (bit like beingpre menstrual you allways turn to chocolate) HA HA i blame everything on my hormones. I also had shit loads of chocolate s at christmas , im a hairdresser and every body allways buys you wine or chocolate and cus i cant drink i had about 30 boxs of chocolates! Am also partial to a chocolate digestive and have found asda do a packet of smart price choc digestives for 27p!!!!!!!!!!!! SOim eating even more now as they are such a bargain. And do you know what i dont care becouse for the first time in 18 years (i am 34 now) it is pointless worrying about my weight. So im sorry if i have made you want chocolate even more but you have a little bit of what you fancy, theresnot much to enjoy about being pregnant sometimesX
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