Is paranoia normal?

I'm new hear--so please bear with me--lol

I'm expecting my 3rd baby-- due date around 28th June 09, I was in hospital last weekend--as they thought I was having an ectopic pregnancy-- luckily alls well and Squiggle ( what we call the baby) is lokking like a cashew nut!!!
My problem is that every ache or pain-- make me think something bad is going to happen-- I know some pains are normal-- but I'm finding it hard to distinguish between normal and not normal-- iykwim!!! Its driving me nuts!!! I've seen my GP and waiting to see the midwife-- short of ringing the early pregnancy unit and NHS Direct-- all the time and coming across as a weirdo--I'd thought I'd see if any of you feel like this!!! I'm sure I wasn't like this with the other 2-- but they are so beautiful-- I just want one more beautiful baby --if that makes sense xxxxx
thanks for letting me get this off my chest xxx


  • Thank you so much for quick reply!!!
    I'm all tearful now-- another joy of pregnancy--lol.
    I'm already finding you a friendly bunch and really look forward to getting to know you!!!
    I'm having the same midwife a last time-- so hopefully she will be able to sort me out!!!
    I hope all is ok with your baby-- its such a worrying time-- as much as my Hubby is understanding-- he doesn't really understand what we feel like-- as we are the ones who can only make the baby safe!!! But with the constant monitoring of your baby-- it will all be fine and your baby will come home with you xxxx
    lots of love xxxxx
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