bach flower remedies..for nerves, safe in pregnancy??

hi i have a wee magic spray called bach flower remedies from boots chemist (also can get drops) which is for nerves on flights, job interviews, dentist etc and i wondered if this would be safe during pregnancy, i guess since its natural it should be but has any one ever asked a doctor about this?


  • hmm thats a new one to me but id imagine that as its natural itwill be fine. my mw has always said not to worry about things on the skin, the baby is well protected and we shouldnt worry about everything we come into contact with. its more dangerous to ingest something than absorb it through the skin.. well so she told me when i needed cream for really bad itching (ppu) and it said not for use in pregnancy. id check tho just in case
  • sorry i should have said the spray is for on your tongue which is why i wondered cause then it is going into your system and not just on the skin.
  • Yes it's fine, I looked it up! x
  • lol i did wonder, i was imagining someone spraying it around them on a plane much to the annoyance of the next passenger!
  • Hiya, yes it's definately safe and is also recommended for labour apparently! xx
  • hi thanks everyone im so relieved, glad i can use it in labour too!!
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