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  • Loving the scans girls, glad everyone is chilling out a bit. Stressing definitely makes things harder 😩 

    I had a dream I was in labour and went to hosp on my own 😲 and my water broke and flooded the entire room and then baby girl came out and just was perfect 😂😍 I'm getting really impatient now to meet her! The thought she could come in just 10 weeks is wonderful 💗 Trying to embrace and enjoy the uncomfortable nights, peeing every 20 mins, breathlessness and all! 

  • 😍 perfect Mrs Fish

  • Mrs fish so baby is measuring just over average as diamond is over that line? What a beautiful little girl! Have you got any names yet? 

    What about you lisil any names for your little girl yet? How was the hen do? 

    Thank you slinky! I can’t believe youre 13+3/4? Already that’s gone so quickly! Probably not for you though! any ideas on what you could be having? 

    Elexox oh my god i wonder if she looks like what she did in your dream! 

    Im off to the Isle of Wight to see my brother today, I’m dreading the ferry an hour of up and down I’m hoping I don’t throw up 😂 

  • Mummytolily glad youre not panicking anymore! It is quite clear isnt it! Defos getting in touch with consultant tomo, i would like another scan before xmas preferably xmas eve lmao! If nhs cant ill book private! Midwife on tuesday! 

    Ive managed to change shifts next week so am off till thurs after today thank god! Hopefully this head cold will be gone by then! Got my self so het up last night that i would miscarry because of lack of sleep and too much work ahaha hopefully be able to chill now for a couple days! 

    Lovely scan mrsfish! Xxx

  • Hi everyone. 

    Mrsfish it is so good to see your scan pics and hear baby is measuring well! 

    i need to go through this thread and catch up with how everyone is.

    I got my bfp on Friday night (after persuasion on the other thread to test, lol), and I am terrified. Today is the day I started bleeding last time, so lots of worry atm. I also bought more tests...just to make sure, I did one last night and one this morning and both were positive. I am getting completely different symptoms this time, nausea is huge atm, I am off my favourite food (which I have to cook all day every day in work!), I burp worse than a man, and peeing could be my Olympic sport 😂 is it crazy to think that with the change in symptoms that  could mean this one will stick? I had severe constant morning sickness with my daughter from around this time, so I think in my head I am connecting that succesful pregnancy with hope for this one? Or am I just reaching for any little thing to stop myself going crazy? Lol. 

    Sorry for the huge post, I am just so overwhelmed and happy to be in this thread right now (sitting at the coffee shop with tears in my eyes because i really didn’t think I would be here so soon). 

  • Whale chick congratulations!!!! So happy for you. All the symptoms are great signs. Really am made up for you!!!

    Mummytolily we have a few options for names: Harper, Hallie, Ruby, Ariya. Mike also likes Clara and Alice.

    Bobble hope you manage to get another scan sorted 💗

  • Also the hen do was ok thanks mummytolily. Food wasn't the best - think school dinner Christmas dinner haha, but still has a nice time thanks xx

  • Yes another from our old thread! Big congratulations to you whalechick! I just love seeing our ladies joining one by one! 😁🤗❤️ Symptoms sound great, although not so fun but certainly exciting! 

    Lisil, I love Ariya the most out of those! But they're all lovely 😍 

  • Hi Ladie, just got back from a long day out with the family. 

    Whalechick that’s so exciting so pleased you got your bfp - it sounds really positive that you have symptoms already, are you around the 4 week stage? It’s so lovely to see us growing as a group :-) 

    Lisl I also really like Ariya, as does my husband, but it is what my boss called her daughter, so have struck it off our list. 

    Me and hubby can’t decide on a name we both like, he likes Isla, Marcella and catalina - he also like Romona, but that got a firm no from me! 

    I like Beatrix, Matilda, florence, Tabitha and Esme. 

    We have moved away from the twin names we had Liberty and Maddison, because they worked really well together but hubby doesn’t like them as a stand alone. 

    Ele I am also having strange dreams, a little bit erotic to be honest, in this morning dream my husband rejected my amourous advances.  I woke up angry with him lol. 

    Mummytolily glad the scan has eased your worry a bit.  I hope the ferry was ok and it wasn’t too cold, we had snow in and off all day In Kent! 

    Lisl such a shame when the food was a let down - especially as the lac of alcohol tends to make the food that bit more important!!

    Bobble glad you have a bit of time off, 12 hour shifts are hard core in early pregnancy - love your little diamond 💎 


  • Bobble it sure is very clear! im glad I’m not panicking to! looking forward to my Midwife appt next week! Glad you have some time off try to relax as much as possible 

    whale chick so glad to see you hear! That’s great news! Good news about your symptoms to! When is your due date? 

    Lisil glad to hear it went okay shame about the food though! Love all of those names! We have Harry & Noah for a boy & Ariya & Evie for a girl 

    i love Florence Mrs fish that’s lovely! Baby Flo! 

    Ferry wasn’t to bad dreading going home in an hour though 😭 wish we could get the fast jet but needed to bring the car over! 

  • I am around 5 weeks, mrsfish. I waited a week past when af was due, though I had suspicions I was from last week. I am getting cramps but hoping they are just normal stretching pains. 

    It is really great to see everyone in here, can’t wait to see all the others get their bfp’s Too. 

  • And thank you everyone :) 

    its great having somewhere where everyone understands the mix of joy and fear

  • I think my favourite at the moment is Harper.

    Yeah it was pretty crap about the food but it was just at a holiday inn so I wasn't expecting gourmet food really haha. Had a Christmas meal with cousins last night and that was only at a Marstons 2 for 1 pub but my meal there was lovely so makes up for it. Also went the Manchester Christmas markets and had a Yorkshire pudding wrap - now that was heaven 😍 can you tell food is on my brain right now haha! Hubby and I have just devoured a sharing bag of chocolate buttons before even thinking about tea haha.

    Elexox do you have any names yet? Can't remember if you'e said or not.

    Mrs Fish I like Isla, Tabitha and Esme althiugh they are all very pretty 💗

    Mummytolily love Noah for a boy! We had Xander when we thought we were going to be a 💙

    Whale chick the cramps are probably just things beginning to stretch and your body getting ready for your little bean to grow. I remember having cramps early on too.

    I'm so happy our little group is continuing to grow! It's so lovely to follow all your pregnancies too xxx

  • Whalechick, I always felt comfort with aches and cramps - when I had my missed miscarriage cramping and symptoms stopped.  Will you look at getting an early scan? 

    Really love Noah for a boy - couldn’t see the original post, but we had Noah high on our boy list. 

    Harper is also fab - it is soooo hard to choose a name!! There are just way too many to choose from!!

  • Oh prefers harry for a boy aTm and I love harry and Noah the same but we have to have simple first names as he’s a quarter polish and has a polish surname and people fine that difficult enough To pronounce, id love to have an unusual name but little baby wouldn’t have a chance at anyone pronouncing any of it correctly 😂 I agree Mrs fish it’s so difficult to choose a name they’ll be stuck with for the rest of there lives! 

    What does everyone think of this whole gender neutral stuff (children growing up without a Gender)  

  • I think it'sperfectly fine for boys to play with dolls and girls cars etc but I don't agree with actually saying they aren't a boy or a girl, they're neither. Obviously they are one or another. I don't think a person can know if they are gay or straight or in the wrong body either until after puberty so I think just bring them up as whatever they have the bits for, dont push either sexual orientation and then let them make a choice when they are mentally ready. I know being gay/straight has nothing to do with being gender neutral but just using that as an example to back up my puberty point for gender neutral and being in the wrong body etc. 

    Just my opinion but if people want to bring up their child as gender neutral that's their choice too 😊

  • I fell pregnant in Apr, lost our first baby at 9 weeks but turns out baby died at 7 weeks. It was the most horrendous thing me and my husband has ever been through... Anyway I've recently found out we are pregnant again, after 3 monthe of trying. We are getting a scan at 8 weeks because of what happened in our first pregnancy. Right now im 6 weeks.  This is going to be the longest 2 more weeks of my life never mind 9 months! I dunno how people can wait the normal 12 weeks.

  • Mrsfish, yes I get those dreams too lol. Lisil, OH and I have chosen Isla. Although we aren't completely set on a middle name, we don't want the typical middle like like rose or mae ect. We're thinking Isla Sophia sounds quite nice and is quite unusual... I feel like I need a name set before she's here, it horrifies me thinking I won't have a name for her lol 

    Hey mrsmac, sorry to hear of your loss. It's the most heartbreaking crushing feeling in the world isn't it 😔 But congrats on your pregnancy! Fingers crossed everything is a ok this time round 🤞🏼 Totally agree, god knows how people wait the whole 12 weeks for a scan, I had 3 before 12 weeks! Have you got any symptoms? 

    Im so happy to see more of us from ttgpam page coming over, it really makes me happy 😁👶🏻🌈

  • Welcome Mrs Mc88, it Is such a difficult time getting through early pregnancy following a miscarriage - we feel your pain......We are all here to support each other, so do Feel free to share anything that you want 😁

    Ele, Isla is the name my hubby likes :-) 

    Regarding gender neutral, I think children will be who they want to.  My DIL was very strong about not having her daughter (my granddaughter) dressed all girly, we weren’t allowed to but pink girly clothes for her! Anyhow at 2 1/2 she loves all things unicorn, princess and sparkly 😂 we of course are delighted and my DIL has had to just accept it. 

    We also have friends who’s Daughter will possibly identify as a male, she is 18 now and has always been more masculine, And now dresses in men’s clothes and has but her hair like a boy. 

    I think it is best to go with the flow of what your child wants, and just to tell them no matter who they are you will love them 💞

    my uncle was obsessed with dolls as a child in the 60’s he is one of the toughest alpha males out there. 

    However, I think to understand the world a girl needs to know they are a girl and a boy a boy, at least that way if they don’t want to identify with that, they will know the difference.....

  • Lisil exactly, I agree lily loves playing with cars and dinosaurs and what not but she also love her dolls and that and I agree about after puberty maybe even after then! I went to school with a girl who was adamant she was going to have a sex change when she was older who now cakes on the make up and where’s all the dresses! 

    Mrs fish I didn’t know you have a granddaughter that’s lovely! it’s funny about her mum not wanting her to wear all girly stuff for her to love it now 😂

    I think it’s completely fine for someone to feel like they are trapped in the wrong body but I don’t think there’s anyway an 8 year old (for example) can feel like that for definite 

    Lily went through a stage of saying I’m a boy I’m a boy because as crazy as it sounds she’s a proper flirt when it comes to men (even shouting in tescos one time where are all the boys at) & (saying to one man ‘alright mate’ as he walked passed 😂 it’s safe to say she won’t be left with her dad for that long again 😂 but now if her & her best friend are ‘fighting’ the biggest insult she thinks she can give is saying your a boy 😂 

    I just think everything’s gotten way to out of hand with it all and it’s nice to hear other people’s opinions! 

    Mrsmc so sorry to hear about your miscarriage but glad to hear you’re pregnant again, those two weeks will fly by! 

    2 weeks until Christmas Today! I can’t wait xD 

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