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  • I’m 9 weeks 2 days today this is the day I started bleeding last time (even though it wasn’t to do with miscarriage) it still worries me Once I get through today then fingers crossed everything will be okay 🤞🏻

    How are you white chick? 

    Oborne did you manage to contact epu for a scan? have you had any more bleeding since? 

  • Hi mrsmac, as the others have said we all have similar experiences and pregnancy after mc’s is tough, so do share x 

    so no more bleeding since sat when was just a bit brown spotting on tissue. (Further tmi to follow!!) then last night had really bad cramps but with diarrhoea?! Anyone else had this??

    not sure if it’s related but am fine again today, I ate a bowl of shreddies last night which I wouldn’t normally do but it was pretty full on just from a little bowl of shreddies if that’s the case ! 

    So anyway, my midwives haven’t even got back to me yet (have text both, phoned them etc but nothing.... anyone else have this problem too?) so I phoned docs and he advised to wait until my weds scan... only 2 days away so guess I am going to have to be SUPER patient. By my dates I’m 12 weeks today so furthest I’ve got in 4 pregnancies so here’s hoping! 

    love all the names mentioned, we haven’t even started thinking yet. If we get through the 12 week mark ok maybe we’ll start then?

    happy Monday people - what’s with this weather 🙄! X

  • I think kids should just be kids. I see a lot of people seemingly letting them make adult life changing decisions at such young ages, when really kids will want to be one thing one minute and another the next. I think if when they are older and still feel they are the wrong gender then living as who they are is right for them, but I think children should always just be who they want to be at that point in time without having to make a permanent decision about it. i do however love seeing little girls all pink and little boys all blue, i just think it’s adorable. 

    im ok, thank you mummytolily. got through a long weekend at work, and yesterday, with nothing happening. I do have a pain in my side but I think I just twisted wrong. my partner is worried, he won’t say anything because but he is pretty subdued and when I mentioned telling my boss he told me to just wait, in case. I understand how he feels but could have done with more positivity. 

    I am loving all the names, really beautiful choices. Harper is beautiful, and Isla Sophia is gorgeous. We have had our name picked since we decided to try 😆 im convinced I will have a girl so we have chosen Freyja. And my daughter will give her a middle name (To make her feel more included in it all). 

    Mummytolily, I understand how you are feeling today, thats how I was yesterday. Fingers crossed today passes without anything happening and you can start to relax into the pregnancy :) 

    I hope the next two days pass quickly for you, oborne, and that your stomach settles.

  • Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. It is so nerve wracking!  I have the bloat and the joyful gas image The tender boobs but that's it. I'm never a sick person so no nausea or sickness. 

    I'm absolutely loaded with the cold and doing it medicine free as im a paranoid wreck.  

    Roll on a week on Fri and hopefully I'll be able to share my good news and happy scan with everyone.  It's ashame that it won't be fun heading to the scan as I know I'll be thinking the worst. It's terrible!!

    I have to catch up on all you lovely people's comments but ill try and reply soon. 

    Hope everyone is enjoying the joys of Monday morning!! image

  • Keeping my fingers crossed the next two weeks pass quickly for you and the scan brings good news :) 

    i am feeling you with the gas and bloat, lol. i Don’t know how I am going to hide it for another 7 weeks if I keep looking like this, atm I don’t see close family because I’m working so much but at xmas they are bound to notice!

  • Oborne glad to hear you haven’t had any more bleeding that’s a good sign, hopefully the two days pass quickly for you, my last pregnancy my Midwife ignored me a bit i only text her twice so wasn’t as if I was constantly on her case I think where a lot of them haven’t had any children or been pregnant they don’t understand the worry

    whale chick Glad to hear you’re okay & the weekend went quickly for you, I get where you’re coming from with oh but mines the other way he is to positive and its annoying when I’m worrying and he Just shrugs it off like everything’s fine! That’s a lovely name how nice that your daughter gets to choose a middle name for her as well! i think I’m having a girl to because heartbeat was 175bpm and if it’s over it’s a sign of a girl, oh walked out the scan like that’s it it’s definitely a girl 😂 

  • Omg there is lots of chat to catch up on. I joined in page 13. I'm so sorry, I feel like yous all know each other and i'm just jumping in... If yous don't mind me joining then I'd love to know what stage yous are all at and what's happened so far... I think I've caught up abit but id be lieing if i put the correct info with the right person and stage...

    Whale chick thank you, so do i but it's not looking likely. My work is slowly quieting down and my days are dragging in. A week on Friday is not coming quick enough. 

  • Mrs mc88 don't be daft you're more than welcome to join us.

    So here's my story:

    I came off the pill in January 2017, got pregnant in Feb 2017 cycle and lost the baby early April 2017 at 7 weeks. Started trying again straight after, had a period in May and June then got my bfp in July. I'm now 24 weeks on Wednesday and expecting a little girl on 4th April.

    Hope everyone is ok xx

  • Mrsmc you’re more than welcome to join us! The more the merrier! 

    My story is, I came off of the pill and had withdrawal bleed on the 2nd June, I fell pregnant straight away getting my bfp on 27th June I then had a miscarriage at 13 weeks on the 6th September we then started trying again and fell pregnant the second cycle getting my bfp on the 31st October, I’m now 9 weeks and 2 days :) 

  • MrsMc - we gain strength In numbers, and are all here to support each other as being pregnant after loss is very stressful. 

    My story, I came off the pill in Oct/Nov 16, struggled to start periods again, fell pregnant but baby did not develop past 6 weeks, had to have a surgically managed miscarriage on May4th, as I had 2 weeks of contractions and was unable to pass baby - this was at 12 weeks!  I then struggled to ovulate again, and fell pregnant with twins in August - I bled from week 5-12.  Had 2 weekly scans, all was going OK, then lost a twin at 13.5 weeks.  Was told it was 50/50 with other bubba, but have now made it to 21.5 weeks, and all seems to be going well - we know we are having a girl, other baby is still in womb, so still potentially a risk, so now I am just hoping to get to viability incase I do go into early labour/miscarry our lost angel.  My son was born at 30 weeks, so am a little anxious of Prem delivery again.....Due April 20th - oh and I am an older Mum 39!! First child with hubby of 10 years, he has 2 grown up children and a grand daughter, I have a 16yr old autism and adhd boy.  I have already told him a I want another one ASAP after this one is born lol 

  • Mrsmc no worries at all! Join right in! Most of us we're on a forum whilst trying to conceive thats how we know each other 😁 

    My story goes like this... I have a 6 year old son (previously relationship). Been with my current partner 5 years now. We started ttc in sept 2016, I came off the pill, had a withdrawal bleed, fell straight away in october 2016 and then miscarried in November 2016 at 8 weeks but baby died at 6 💔 I didn't cope at all with the loss and struggled to make it through my final year at uni. After my mc, it took 13 weeks to finally have a period. Then when I did finally get one it was on and off for 16 days so in March and the same in April and May. God knows what my body was doing, it frustrated me beyond words and it even confused all the doctors and gynaes that I saw. It was the worst time ever ttc, whilst not having periods. Turns out I didn't ovulate AT ALL until the 7th month after my mc date! As soon as I FINALLY ovulated in June 2017, I concieved this little dream ❤️👶🏻 I'm now 27+5 with a little girl 💗🌈 

  • mrsmac, I only joined this forum 3 days ago too So don’t worry at all!

    thanks for sharing your stories everyone, it’s nice to know we’re not alone.

    im also 39 mrs Fish (& feeling it!), I have a 7 yo girl from a previous relationship, then I met met husband 5 years ago and we have been married for 2 half years and have a nearly 2 year old girl.

    we conceived on second cycle trying for our 3rd last sept 2016 and then had missed m/c at 11 weeks, it happened naturally though straight after the scan and baby had stopped growing at about 9 weeks. Next m/c was in April ‘17 at 10 weeks, same again where it was picked up on early scan and went for a managed m/c that time (mva - not nice!) then a 3rd m/c in August, only 5 weeks and occurred naturally so here we are for 4th time (6th pregnancy), I am 12 weeks today and due end of June, but have had some small amount bleeding on fri/sat so seeing what the 12 week scan brings us on Wednesday! 

    Tbh I have sore boobs and I THINK (might be imagining it) might be starting to feel baby move? Could totally be wind and probably is but I felt my other 2 quite early on and it doesn’t feel familiar. But also think that may be wishful thinking!? 

  • Oborne, I felt this one from around 16 weeks, but I do believe you can feel them super early if it is not your first, mine felt like a feather tickling my inside, it then felt like I had a worm/snake inside and now it feels like she is constantly flicking my bladder lol.

    it’s nice not to be the only older Mum, I think it brings with it added complications - not that I need any more!! 

    Will this be your first scan this pregnancy? Sorry I forget who is where.....

    Fingers crosses this bean will grow big and strong for you 🤞 is your scan Wednesday? 


  • Ah yes I think age may not help, especially with tiredness! I’m due pretty much on my 40th birthday (argh!)

    yes I sort of feel like I’ve felt it a couple of times but really don’t want to get my hopes to up and our minds can play wonderful tricks on us! 

    I had a scan at 9 wks all ok & Midwife found baby’s heartbeat at 10 wks so was feeling super positive up until fri when I had the bleed and back to square one. We’ll see - 12 wk scan is Wednesday (after a full day of meetings tomorrow) 🙈

  • Ahhh what a brilliant idea! Even I am learning stuff i didnt know abouts yous!

    My story... im 25, came off pill october 2016 and fell straight away in nov then had MC january at just under 8 weeks. Fell pregnant march and lost in june at 5+4 then fell in July and lost at 5+ 1 all total misscarraiges that sorted themselves out naturally! I have seeb miscarraige consultant who tested for clotting disorder which came back negative, she does not wish to have any further in put im at this stage. I am now 6+3 with extremly sore breasts and baddd fatigue all be it not much nausea yet but more sensitive to smells! Had early scan at six weeks and saw HB for first time ever. Hoping this is the one, feeling positive as a lot of cramping early on that ive never had before which im taking a bean burrowing in good and proper! Xxxx

  • It's so nice to get to know everyone and recap on the journeys of others again 😁 

    Oborne, it sounds a little early but nothing is impossible! I could feel tiny flutters at 14 weeks with my first! Didn't feel this baby until 16-17 weeks though, which is strange because they say you feel your second and subsequent babies sooner, and I don't have an anterior placenta either 🤷🏻‍♀️ Good to hear the bleeding has stopped, just 1 more sleep until your scan! 

    Mrsfish ditto with the kicking bladder! Sometimes when I'm walking I feel her bare down and then out of nowhere I get a shooting feeling and the sudden urge to pee! Lol not so fun. 

    Bobble, I had MAJOR smell aversions in the early days. It was my first real symptom really. Then on off sore boobs, sea sick type nausea, only vommitted about 5/6 times over the first 13 weeks. Also having a "cold/cough" is actually your little baby sending out signals to your immune system to suppress it so that the embryo can continue to embed in the uterine lining without being rejected by our immune system 😁 The female body absolutely fascinated me! As you said also the cramping is little bean burrowing and getting comfy! As long as it's not too much and really painful on one side it's fine 😊 

    AFM, was supposed to see mw tomorrow for bloods and the usual 28 week appt, but she is of sick so im seeing another mw today instead. Can't stand having blood taken but hey ho gotta be done 😩 Ive given in and booked a 4D scan for when I'm 33+3 next month! It was a good offer and it's the same place we had our 16 week gender scan 💗👶🏻. They were so lovely and friendly. Couldn't falt the experience at all! Can't wait to see my little lady again 🤰🏻

  • Elexox bet youre so exited for scan! I see midwife today, dreading getting weighed im just lying in bed now to avoid it haha!

    Ive had two really bad days of motion sickness and had a cold pretty much from last thursday but seems a little better today! I have more of an aversion to smells, with being a nurse im pretty good but yesterday someone diahireahed on there hand (tmi i know) and i could not stop gagging and had to run to loo! I also have an aversion to certain noises, this one girls shoes at work annoy me so bad! Wierdly enough my pains were mostly on left side and quite moderate, when she scanned me she didnt understand, confirmed not ectopic and that id ovulated from right ovary so no reason for right pain haha! Xxxx

  • Good luck at midwife today bobble! Mines not until next Monday I’ll be 10+2 then, I’ve also had a bad cold on and off for about 2 weeks now! I had an awful nights sleep last night! Lily decided 3am was the time to get up put her in our bed and she kept poking my nose and whispering Mummy 😭 we are now just chilling watching trolls!

    whats everyone else up to today?

  • Bobble, i am so happy to read you are having cramping too. I have been worrying so much as I am getting cramping but seeing it is good and others are getting it makes me calm a little. Also, smells, I got a coworker tea today and almost threw up at the smell. Nutella also has this effect😮 and pretty much any meat except spicy German sausage, lol. 

    Ele, a 3D scan sounds amazing, I hope you post some pics!

  • Midwife was canny :) I am apparently in the highest risk for everything lol! Ive put seven pound on which has knocked my BMI from 27 to 30! Slightly depressing! So will be looked after by consultant, apparently lots more scans and appts! She said i would get scan about nine weeks then about 12 and ill see her next at 16 weeks :D

    Feeling a bit shitty was just a bit arsy with OHs grandad who we live with atm, weve decorated all of living room bought all new stuff including gorgeous grey tartan long length curtains for window that look lush when in place. Anyways he moved seats recently near window ans has pulled curtain along so i just put it back neatly again and he said no it stays like that cause theres a draft. WHY IS HE SITTING NEXT TO THE WINDOW THEN! So now im annoyed and in a one upstairs, a little ocd over here! 

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