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  • Oh bobble, I feel your irritation - I have just snapped at Drs receptionist about my blood results, apparently something has increased, but not significant enough to worry about - I’m well you were meant to be doing allergy testing not a bloody full blood count 😔 

    It’s reassuring that you will be taken Care of, I find they always say the wrong thing anyway - my first consultant visit I went through about the lost twin and previous prem birth, then she says to me - so you are a diabetic - Ummm no! So err why are you here then!! Cheaky cow!! 

    I had flu and whooping cough jab last week, now have a hacking cough and painful chest, so feeling a bit of a grump. 

    To cheer myself up I have just brought 30 pairs of newborn and 0-3 month leggings off eBay - was a bit of an impulse buy.....Not sure why I need so many xx

  • Can never have too many baby leggins 😉

    i survived a day of work today and now only 1 sleep until scan, no idea what to expect. 

    Love the ocd and grumpiness, I’m in good company then! X 

  • Thank you everyone for sharing. It's defo great knowing everyone's story! 

    It's amazing being a woman but by God it can suck aswell.

    I was on the coil and got it removed May 2016. I didn't fall pregnant until April 2017. I gt cramping and tender boobs and one day at 9 weeks I didn't think something was right. It was a Fri night and had no number to phone so I went to the hospital. The woman I got was horrible, said I should have phoned and if I did she would have told me not to come in. She took my bloods and said it would take an hour for the results to come in. Systems obv went down and we were sent home without them. They were suppose to phone me Sat but didn't.  I phoned them and a young girl said that my hormone levels were lower than they should be but will get someone to phone me back. They didn't. I phoned again on Sun and a woman answered and couldn't be anymore apologetic, she said she would put my file on top of the persons desk who had to phone me back on Mon. They phoned me Mon morning and told me to go to the hospital for a scan.  I knew it wasn't great by Mon tho cause when I woke up on Mon I literally had a full period.  Turns out baby died at 7 weeks.  Worst thing ever. My husband stayed positive the whole time as the horrible nurse said if I was having a miscarriage then Id be doubled over in pain and fill and pad of blood in an hour. If my husband askede what my pad was like again if was going to kill him, bless him. 

    Honestly dnt think if could go through tht again. Roll on nxt Fri.

    Oborne you are amazing staying strong after so many miscarriages. Roll on nxt Wed for your 12 week scan.  

  • Sorry tomorrow, one more sleep 😄

    Bobble that made me laugh, but I totally understand, why sit next to the window?  Haha I'm a cranky tired person as it is so let's hope I sleep peacefully throughout the pregnancy 😂

  • This Wednesday, as in tomorrow 9.35am 😬😬🤞🏻🤞🏻

    Thank you mrsmc , I have 2 amazing girls so luckier than a lot of women who can’t conceive at all etc, also is my way of coping to look at what I have got and trust in fate- easier said than done sometimes obviously, but I try ! 

    sorry to hear about the rubbish nurse at hospital, how terrible that she didn’t trust your instincts and thought she knew better, every case is different and having had 3 none were the same and for none of them was I bent double and as she described, I’ve had similar crap replies/follow up on some cases.  I massively appreciate the nhs and the jobs nurses and midwives do is amazing (& docs surgeons etc!) but you find annoying people in every walk of life I guess and she sounds like One! otherwise I just think they are so busy they have to find a way to prioritise? 

    I also now have a cold... oh the joys... 

  • Roll on tomorrow. Hope everything goes well! Next Friday can't come fast enough for me. 

    Sometimes I think people go by the book too much and don't realise everybodies body is completely different. 

    I'm absolutely floored with this cold. Tried my best not to take any pills but eventually went ti the docs today and they have gave me stuff that I'm allowed to take. 😧

  • I had a miscarriage on 10/22/17 and I took a positive pregnancy test on 11/15/17.. I am 7 weeks 2 days today. I heard my babys heart beat yesterday. My hcg has almost tripled this time, last pregnancy it only would rise maybe 50%. (I’m not sayinG hcg always indicates a problem or not)   I want to give others out there hope! I read so many posts and think it’s awesome to share stories. I’ve also spotted (dark brown) for weeks (this time around) (not a ton, a small amount), have had cramps and weird feelings.. I was sure that I was losing my baby again.. BUT my doctor has said it is normal to spot (even weeks) and with it being brown that she isn’t worried. She also said the cramps are just the body changing and growing!! My uterus has doubled in size since last week. I have had my doctors checking me closely this time, it has helped with my anxiety. I know I am still very early along, but i Know how it feels to have so many questions, I hope this helps someone out there! <3

  • Morning ladies. Suffering quite badly with anxiety yesterday and this morning. I keep having horrible thoughts if having a still birth or something happening to baby during birth which leaves her severely disabled and with little to no quality of life.

    It worries me that I don't really have a pattern for her movement at all. We still can't feel them from the outside but my placenta is at the front. It's my 1st baby so I really don't know what I'm meant to be feeling, how often or how strong. It's stressing me out a bit.

    On the plus side, 24 weeks today so baby has reached age of viability 🤞🤞🤞

  • Oh Lisl, that’s so horrible for you 😔  Negative thoughts and anxiety and horrible to deal with and can leave you feeling absolutely terrible - I’m not sure when you will be able to notice regular movement, or feel from the outside, I know I alao don’t have either - but am a couple of weeks behind you.   Take some peace in the fact that your 20 week scan showed no anomalies, so you can rule out physical difficulties. You are looking after yourself, so that is the best chance you can give for baby, you are young and healthy so are at a lower risk too - I know this won’t stop your worries, but it might help you to answer your worries back xx

    Yesterday my little bubba barely moved compared to the day before, I wondered if Inhad made her poorly with this chest infection. Are you able to do something to wake her up for your own reassurance - mine responds to ice cold water - so when i am a bit worried I down a load and sit still and wait - it normally works. 

    Sending you positive thoughts and lots of love 💗💗

    good of luck today  Oborne xx

  • I’m sorry you are feeling so anxious, lisl, but as MrsFish said, take comfort knowing your scan didn’t show anything to worry about. I think it is natural to be anxious, but try to focus on the good things :) also, awesome you are at 24weeks!

    mrsfish that is such a good idea of finding something she responds to, I will keep it in mind for future. 

    I woke up today with sore boobs 😁 never been so happy to hurt, lol. Along with my nausea getting worse I am taking it all as good signs. Also, did a weeks indicator test and it has moved on to 3+ which im taking it means my hormones are rising too. I’m 5w4d today, so still very early but trying to stay optimistic.

    good luck with your scan, oborne, fingers crossed for you.

  • Those early days are tough Whalechick, but really positive symptoms are increasing as is the reading on the CB test - I was doing cheapies everyday initially and checking the darkness of the line! 

    Will you have an early scan WhalechicK? Xx 

  • I’m doing that too, lol. I’m lucky my partner doesnt ask how much I am spending on tests! 

    I am hoping to, I can’t see a doctor until after xmas so hoping she can refer me then as I will be around 8 weeks. 

    how are you doing today, MrsFish?

  • I’m ok thanks, at work despite this damn chest infection.  I have used up all my sick pay, so need to drag myself in if I can - to be honest I have only been doing half days as I have flexible working, so have been going home and snoozing rather than paperwork😜 

    1 more week until Xmas - and then off for a while :-) xx 

  • Lisil I know exactly how you’re feeling as that’s the same way I felt throughout lilys pregnancy, I remember being at antenatal classes and everyone was asked what they were most afraid of and of course everyone said the pain that was never the case for me i was petrified of her being stillborn, as everyone as has said your 20 week scan showed nothing to worry about, you’re still early on to be feeling a pattern with kicking and if I remember rightly they only want you to track it after28 weeks the fact you’re feeling kicks is a great sign regardless of any patterns at this stage, and also remember stillborns are not common, what helped me a lot was planning how I wanted lilys birth to go even though you have no control over it it made me feel better knowing what I did and didn’t want, research all pain relief Options so you know what available and what you feel could be right for you. i wanted to have a waterbirth (didn’t have) I refused all pain relief unless medically necessary, all I wanted was gas and air and I only had that for the last 2 hours of my 19 hour labour, and low and behold I was at home with lily 6 hours after she was born! I didn’t even move from the labour ward 😂 so all that worrying for nothing! But id definitely recommend researching things and asking family and friends what they found helpful! Always go with your gut instinct if you think anything is ever wrong go and get checked out! Congratulations on 24 Weeks that’s great! 

    Mrs fish thats great she responds to ice cold water 😂

    whale chick glad to hear you’re getting all the symptoms! & the 3+ that’s great! 

    I’m 9+4 today only a few more days until double figures xD 

  • Hi Christina , and everyone 

    ive also had some light bleeding (after 3 previous miscarriages and 2 healthy pregnancies with no bleeding at all) but am so happy to say All was totally fine and on track at 12 weeks scan today! Can’t believe it!

    so try not to worry I also had terrible cramps Sunday’s night (along with diarhea) so with that and bleeding was convinced I was in for another m/c but ....

    all great! It’s still sinking in she (we convinced she’s a she as saw burger between her legs!) measured 12wk 4, heartbeat Fine (although they’re not allowed to listen to it anymore? New regulations apparently) 2 arms/ 2 legs etc! Bouncing around too so I think it was her I was feeling over last couple of days. I felt my first at 15 wks and my second before that so I thought it was possible but with everything else going on really thought it was a) wind and b) wishful thinking!

    20 wk scan booked and nothing until then now although we might Book a Private One for 16wks for reassurance. 

    Sorry to hear about your anxiety lisil, I had same over weekend thinking all kind of negative things, can you try to find something positive to focus on instead? i Find it helps to keep my mind in the present (instead of future) if possible by being kind to yourself in little bits every day (anything from feet up with choc bar to doingg your favourite thing etc) or at night if trying to sleep just reading/watching something to totally distract yourself and then try again (rather than just trying to sleep and letting mind wander Which I do all the time!!) Plus all the great advice from mrs Fish regarding the baby and it’s Great that you‘re 24 Wks! 

    thanks all for yours positive vibes x 

  • Oborne fantastic news and great pic!

    Thanks eveyone for you advice and kind words. I'm definitely taking it all on board. Feeling a bit better now thanks you all of you so thank you 😘

    Where is everyone up to with due weeks and scans etc? I'm a bit lost now with there being so many of us (which is fab!).

    Thanks again everyone xx

  • The scan picture is amazing Oborne!  Absolutely fabulous news!! Can't believe everyone is really only entitled to two scans there whole pregnancy! Your mind plays so many trucks in you.

    Mrs Fish I think I'll try keep an eye on what makes baby moves too, such a fab idea! Although just a tad early for me at the moment.

    Lisil my first 8 week scan is nxt Friday @ 9am which is good because it's straight away and won't make my day drag. No one bar my husband and best friend know I'm pregnant so ill be late for work and blame the trains image

  • Aww, I hope the day goes quickly for you, mrsfish, nothing worse than being sick and having to work. But it’s good you can grab naps, lol. I have the day off today so out with my friend, trying my best not to tell her.

    thankyou, mummytolily, I’m a tad emotional about it all, though that could be the hormones, lol.

    wow, double figures seems so far away, its great to hear you are so close to them!

  • Oh oborne, that is awesome news! And what a great scan pic! I’m so glad everything went well for you today :) 

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