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  • Hi I have just found out that I am pregnant again after miscarriage. It's been less than 4 weeks. I can understand how worried you are. I am thinking of asking for an early ultrasound at around 6 weeks as my last pregnancy the stopped growing at 6 weeks

  • Congratulations Roberts77!! That's great news!

    I'm not sure they will give you a scan so early. When I phoned the hospital about getting an early scan they said the earliest they would do is 8 weeks so they can detect the heartbeat. I feel like I've waited forever for this 8 weeks and at the same time I kinda think it's went in fast image All goes well on Fri that's 2 months gone already, how amazing is that! 

    I'd definitely ask the question though, no harm trying but you should get a scan at 8 weeks! I lost my baby at 7 weeks but didn't know until I had a scan at 9 weeks. 

  • HEY everyone 

    just had my midwife appt! Got the ball rolling once again! She’s so lovely she said I was so happy When I saw your name come up and that she was hoping it was me which was lovely! Talked me through everything again and will hopefully get my scan letter through in a couple of weeks! Has everyone had a flu jab? I’ve never had one before but I’ve seen them make people ill so I’m a bit worried about having one 😂 I’m 10+2 today! Finally in double figures! 

    There was a horrible crash on my walk to the doctors luckily we didn’t see anything but from what I could gather it looked as though a child had been knocked off of his bike By a lorry ☹️ Air ambulance there and everything I couldn’t believe the amount of people stood there watching I thought that was so disrespectful, I just kept telling lily to keep on walking she was a bit amazed by the amount of ambulances and police, fingers crossed he’s okay, poor boy right before Christmas ☹️ 

    How is everyone else? 

  • Mummytolily I had flu jab and whooping cough, 2 days later I got ill and have been suffering for almost 10 days now!! 

    Not saying it was the jab as defo not flu, and my work is riddled with ill people, but I think it may have lowered my immune and made me more susceptible in those vital days, as I had avoided catching anything until then.....

    how awful to hear about that accident right before Xmas - poor parent/boy 😔

  • Thank you. Phoned midwife today she said she will see what she can do. I had a delayed miscarriage last time so am a bit worried. I should of been 9 weeks but started bleeding on the 3rd of November. Had an emergency scan the baby had not developed. I had an empty sack that measured 6 weeks. I had to wait 10 days for another scan which showed the sack was full of blood. They booked me in the next day and gave me some tablets to induce the miscarriage. I bless until the 19th of November. Did a negative pregnancy test a week later. Then started feeling unwell so took a pregnancy test on the 12 December it was a faint positive. Did another one on the 16th December and it was a strong positive. Hope your feeling well and that everything goes ok for you. Midwife told me to date my pregnancy from the 15th November as that was the day miscarriage was enduced so I will be 5 weeks on Wednesday 

  • Hi Roberts77,

    welcome to group and congrats on your positive test, that was quick :-)

    i tried to wait to have first scan as they can’t see heartbeat if you have it too early and didn’t want to cause myself more worry. I also had 2 missed m/c (at11 and 10weeks) and One at 5 weeks.  I waited until 9 weeks in the end on this one for first scan, but it all depends on your experience and what would help you so def see what they will do/how early? Whatever will help reassure you is good I think.

    ive also had flu jab, had it a while ago, maybe 5 weeks ago, when I was 8 weeks. I now have the worst cold/cough virus laid up in bed, worried about the strain of coughing and sneezing!!! Anyone else had this? If it’s not one thing to worry about it’s something else! 

    Loved your cute Micky ears announcement lisil 

  • Thanks Mrs fish and oborne I never had one with lily but midwife said I should have one but I’m a bit iffy 😂 if I do it wont be til after Christmas 😂 dont Want to be I’ll! But I’ll definitely have the whooping cough!

    just seen on The news that luckily it was a child (I only assumed because the bike look quite small for like a 10-12 year old) but unfortunately it was a man in his 60’s whose passed away ☹️ So sad and so close to home, just a Road Across from where my dad got hit, there’s a lot of people recently being hit by lorries and buses in my area! I think there’s been two with buses and at least two with lorries! So bad! 

  • Sorry that’s meant to say luckily is wasnt a child 

  • I saw that on the news in Southampton area wasnt it? very sad 

    the Flu jab didn’t make me poorly mummytolily, the doc told me it couldn’t really as the virus isn’t active , but maybe it can compromise your immune system making you suscetible to anything else about? They do advise it tho as flu can be harmful in pregnancy, although there is now this new australian flu in its way too?!!

    glad your midwife appt went well too, its good to be ‘in the system’ small steps, but we’ll get there! X

  • Yeah that’s right oborne! In Woolston ☹️ It literally happened like 10 minutes before I walked past, so sad ☹️ 

    I think I’ll definitely have it done then! Will call up tomorrow and exactly I have positive Thoughts for this pregnancy atm 🤞🏻 

  • Mummy to lily that's great news! Defo makes it more pleasant as well when your working with someone that is so nice and understanding! 

    I haven't been told anything about the flu jag but I know my friend had it when she was pregnant and blames hers on the worst flu she's ever had. My dad got the flu right after his aswell but that could have just been timing.  I don't think I would take it if I gt offered it.  I'm just getting over a sinus infection.  The worst headaches ever! Glad to see the back of it. This year everyone has been catching everything.

  • Oborne I have had a horrific cough, very wheezy, sneezy achy etc -can barely walk without getting. Stupidly breathless - anyhow this hasn’t effected movement of bubba, so am presuming she isn’t feeling as poorly as me!! 

    Roberts77 my loss was similar to yours - I had an early private scan at 6.5 weeks, no HB - went to Drs who said I should proceed with my holiday (3 weeks in Hawaii) when I came back, I had to wait a week for a scan for a week.  Embryo was same size, but they wouldn’t take anything into account, I then started contracting, they said I would pass it really easy - went back in a week, still the same.  Went back the following week and had surgical managed, as by now I was over 12 weeks and still hadn’t passed baby despite 2 weeks of contraction!! 

    I would recommend holding on until 7 weeks for a scan, so that HB will be present so you don’t go through the same anxiety.  Fab news that you got such a quick bfp 😁 

  • Hey ladies just catching up 😊

    Welcome Roberts, sorry to hear of your loss and congrats on falling again so quickly! A few other ladies here have fallen again quite soon 😊 The epu where I live Scaend me the day after I got my bfp so I would've been 4-5 weeks, couldn't see anything apart from a thickened uterine lining (good thing), so a week later I went back and they saw the gestational sac in the right place, then 2 weeks after that I went back and saw little bean for the first time at 6w6d. Depends how urgent because I was having pain on my left side and they were concerned about it being ectopic (thankfully not)... hopefully the mw will sort you out with a scan soon! 🤞🏼

    Mrsmc, not long until your scan scan now, you'll be 8 weeks then? How are you feeling, symptoms picking up yet? 

    Mummytolily, nice to hear you're feeling more positive about this pregnancy now. So sorry to hear you saw the aftermath of that accident, poor man 💔Ahh, glad you are getting on well with the mw, it makes all the difference, have you found out who will be doing your dating scan yet? 😊 I've seen my a couple of times now and my appts are now every 2-4 weeks so that's more like it haha! Happy double digits! 10 weeks was a big milestone for me, something about seeing double digits is pleasing! 

    Mrsfish, oh no don't say that lol I'm having my flu jab and whooping cough vaccine tomorrow afternoon! I really hope I dont get ill on Christmas! ☹️

    Oborne, sorry to hear you're not very well. If it helps there are plenty of ladies who are conerned about the straining from coughing/sneezing on other forums and there is no evidence to suggest it causes any problems to early pregnancy. I hope that eases your concern a bit 😊 

    AFM, DS loved visiting Santa yesterday and we had a lovely time in mothercare getting some gorgeous baby bits with the MIL. Had a terrible fall on the bus on the way home. The bus was at a red light and i got up to get off at the next stop (literally feet away from the stupid crossing), the bus pulled off really hard just before I grabbed the rail I went flat on my bum/back really hard! ☹️ 2 lovely ladies rushed over to help me up. Feel quite fragile today and had a 3 hour nap! Little miss has been very active and ive had no unusual pantyliners so the fall obviously didn't affect her, thank god! 

    Hope everyone had a good Monday! 😘

  • Thanks mrsmac! It really is she’s lovely which makes me feel really comfortable! I’m really put off this flu jab 😂

    elexox thank you I’m so relieved to be in the 10 weeks! I don’t know who it’ll be yet but I spoke to the midwife today and she said to make a phone call when I receive my letter and tell them I’ve had problems with her before so therefore would prefer someone different this time! Which I will do, but if I get there and it’s her I will be leaving and paying for a private one! Oh my god you poor thing! I’m so glad there was people there to help you that is awful! I’m really relieved baby is okay that must of been so scary for you! Are you feeling okay? I’ve spoken to a woman before who has broken her hand whilst trying to grab a rail on the bus she ended up falling and landing on her hand funny she was late 60’s as well I really felt for her she was only trying to pick her grand kids up from school! I’ve also had a really bad experience when lily was 2 weeks old the curb was too far away for the pushchair to get off properly but i could put it on the road and then onto the pavement either and I told him He’ll have to move either way and he refused! this went on for a few minutes until I attempted getting off and the pushchair tipped! I’ve never verbally abused someone so much in my life! Most newborns are not strapped into the carry cots had I not of acted quickly she could of fallen out! I was really shaken after that! You get some lovely bus drivers but then some idiots at the same time! They always like to brake really harshly as well 🤨

  • Welcome Roberts.

    Mummytolily hope you and Lily weren't took shaken by the accident.

    Elexox hope you're doing ok now.

    The flu jab didn't make me sick at all. The nurse told me it's not a live vaccine and normally those who get ill already have a bug breweing. 

    So I was in hospital last night and again this morning with reduced movements. Heartbeat was good both times but being scanned tomorrow just to double check. Midwife wasn't concerned though. I've felt her a lot tonight though which is good. My placenta is at the front so that doesn't help. Also got my glucose test tomorrow because my dad has diabetes and then my first mw appt with my go community mw on Friday.

    Hope everyone is doing ok xx

  • Wow ladies so much has happened!! 

    Ele I do hope you are OK? did you go and get checked out just to be on the safe side?  Rest up, sleep as much as you can and make sure you get looked after - sending you hugs 🤗 xx

    Lisl glad little miss is moving about more tonight, that must help a little with your worries about the lack of movement, it must be a real scare for you, I know when I have a slow day i get super anxious - and then guzzle a glass of ice cold water which triggers wriggles.  can you feel anything from the outside yet?  I still can’t but as I have previously mentioned I’m a size 18 so I think it takes a lot longer. 

    Good luck with your appointments tomorrow - a bonus peek at your little beauty :-) 

    mummytolily, double numbers is great news - before you know it, it will be new years and you will creating towards the 2nd trimester 😁  it only feels like a week ago you got your BFP - not 6 weeks!! 

    We finally got our tree up, and almost all the decorating for our room is finished - hubby took a half day holiday today and finished papering, and edges for ceiling, so just another coat of paint on ceiling and a couple of doors to gloss for me. 

    I’m not wishing Xmas away, but can’t wait until New year as I will see consultant and hit the magic 24 weeks.  I am starting to actually feel that I will end up with a baby in my arms in a few months - and then Get a bit scared to hope that it could be a reality and I might jinx it.


  • Evening ladies! Having a melt down today. So been having a lot of cramping this week, eight weeks tomorrow. So I had spoken to midwife and explained consultant had asked for scan between 7-9 weeks on next pregnancy and i said EPU had said this wouldnt be needed as I was scanned at six, so anyways midwife said no no if consultant wanted that time frame then we will do that, she said if you havnt got an appt ring in a week the hospital and speak to consultants secretary so i did that yday and she was also sure id need thag scan. Now consultant has said as pregnancy has already been seen as viable pregnancy at six week no need for scan so ill just get one at twelve weeks. I mean do these people not understand at all! Every little niggle I am panicking, i cant look forward to being pregnant at all, im actually scared to tell people, im constantly knicker checking. Anyways secretary said shed email consultant, consiltants just left voicemail and shes to see me on fifth jan, no scan though that day. Im gutted i dont know why they cant just scan me! Theres a girl in my due group and she gets a scan every wednesday! Im terrified of going at twelve weeks and no HB :( meltdown 101 over here xxxx

  • Dont know whether to book private xx

  • Mrsfish it feels like a lifetime for me 😂 it was 7 weeks ago today I got my bfp As I tested early! It’s crazy how time flies isn’t it!

    bobble, sorry you’re going through such a hard time ☹️ I would keep trying for a scan the next couple of days and if you feel like you’re getting no where and you’re still really worried I would book private, I think private is a lot better anyway at least they can tell you how fast the heart is beating and you get plenty more pictures. We don’t get any pictures at our local epu only in ultrasound department! I hope you manage to get one!

  • Oh bobble! It might be worth going private to put your mind at ease. It's annoying they said 1 thing and are now changing their mind.

    So baby girl was perfect today. Everything as it should be and she's bang on track for sizes etc. She currently weighs around 1 pound 9 they said. Get glucose test results tomorrow. Drink was nasty and it was hard to get blood from me the second time after the 2 hour wait so arm is a bit sore but just happy baby is ok.

    Glad you've nearly finished decorating Mrs Fish - 1 less thing to think about!

    So excited for 1pm on Friday when I finish for Christmas now!!! 

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