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  • I used extra strong mints, that seemed to help - ginger gave me heart burn! 

    Also I never took my prenatal on an empty stomach, that defo made me throw up! 

    How many weeks are you now Whalechick - I have lost where everyone is......

  • Oooh thanks for the pictures! Its an external so probablys be the same as yours mummytolily! Xx

  • Lovely to hear from you mrsrees, as you know it got a bit awkward for us in the ttgpam page but feel free to chat to us here 😁 That way we're not upsetting anymore 😊 I miss everyone on the other page too! Yes it was me as lisil mentioned with the ov problems, and I think they were down to stress because there was nothing "physically" wrong me on any tests or ultrasounds prior to my mc. It is normal however to have an anovulatory cycle up to twice a year! Maybe you're having one of these? Or maybe there's a bean on board! 🤞🏼Fingers crossed either way you get an answer soon from Mother Nature herself 😘 Sorry to hear your grandad passed away, big hugs and love to you in this difficult time 💗

    Mummytolily, i know it is whizzing by tbf but I'm just at a stand still with all the symptoms flying back in lol! Yes he absolutely cannot wait for Christmas and his little sister haha, he keeps asking me how many sleep until both! He wasn't very impressed when I said 77 sleeps until baby sister this morning 😂🙈 his name is Leo 😊 I laughed when I read "just got my first, "I hate you" from lily" 😅 I get those every day for asking simple things of him e.g put your shoes away or zip your coat up... Such a terrible mother! 🙄😂

    Thanks so much MrsFish, yes OH has got 2 weeks off over Christmas 🎄 so a nice break for all of us! TBH I just felt like I've been doing it all and it got a bit too much! Arms aren't sore anymore and feeling a bit better today - managed to finish all the Christmas shopping, planning to wrap everything a bit later when DS is in bed and definitely asleep haha! Gorgeous unicorn for little miss! She will love it so much 💗 Omg snap with the throwing up after taking prenatal on an empty stomach! Hell no 😂🤢  

    Bobble nice to hear you've booked a scan, what date is it for? Eek I can't wait to see your little bean 😍 

  • Mrs Rees I’m so sorry to hear your grandad has passed away, I must of missed the post just seen it in elexox post. 

    elexox hahaha it made me laugh when she said it! i can’t even remember what id Asked her to do now my response was well I love you 😂 aww Leo’s a lovely name! Love it! Leo and Isla go really nicely together to! Awww bless him 77 sleeps must seem like a lifetime away for him! He’ll be asking to put her back when she keeps him awake at night 😂 

    mrs fish love the unicorn! I also agree with taking prenatal on an empty stomach 🤮 

    how is everyone today? 

  • Thought id check in as sat on bathroom floor after vomming! I keeo having episodes like once every two days where i need to be sick and the other end (tmi i know) i mean is that even a thing? 

    Scans booked for next wednesday! External so may not be brilliant picture xxx

  • I'm pretty sure it's avovulatory ive done several tests from Sunday afternoon till yesterday and all definate negatives, I'm a a lot less stressed now (I hope) so am gunna just enjoy Christmas and being with my husband and start again next year :D 

    glad you have a scan booked in bobble 

    I'm so glad I popped over here I've defiantly missed talking to you all there's not many over on the other page anymore so very quiet and none of them really know my history of what  happened before, but im gunna make sure I stay there to give advice as best I can xx

  • Aww thanks mummytolily. Everyone is saying the names go well together... I think we're really set on Isla now. OH and Leo refer to her as Isla and have done for a while now so it would be pretty hard to change now lol. Yes im sure he'll want to put her back when the crying kicks in lol! I'm wuite good today but feeling quite tired now, off to bed me thinks. Saying that little miss has just started her nightly turns and kicks 😂 They're so big and defined now I can see joints, maybe a knee or elbow sticks right out! 

    Bobble, ahhh the morning sickness has caught up with you then! I hope it doesn't get any worse for you 🤞🏼 Although strong symptoms are somewhat comforting. If it's happening the other end too it could be a tummy bug?

    MrsRees ahh okay. Well it's brilliant that you're feeling positive about the new year! It'll be your turn soon 😊 Even after I deliver in a couple of months I'll still pop in and hope to see you here with your bfp! And the same for the others of the other page 💗 

  • Other end is only evrry couple of days, im sore today, all my stomachs muscles appear to be pulled, roll on 4 o clock so i can get back to bed! Xx

  • Oh bobble that's not good, poor you! Hope it eases a bit over Christmas for you.

    Elexox I love your baby girl's name. We still aren't set yet but I think she'll be Ruby, Harper or Hallie. Right now it's looking more like Hallie. And her middle name will be Mae.

    Midwife this morning then working till 1pm then that's me done until 2nd Jan!

  • Bobble I switch between constipated and loose bowels, I think it is just part of pregnancy unfortunately........

    As Ele said increasing symptoms are a good sign pregnancy is taking hold and HCG’s are increasing - I used to get nervous if I had a day i didn’t feel like shit lol.   Good news you have booked your private scan, that will help to put your mind at ease for a bit.  I think NHS only Scan you if you are bleeding, if not you generally have to wait until 12 weeks - not great for us worriers at all......

    Ele your managed made me smile, my boy is called Leon and my hubbie wants Isla (I don’t think it is what we will settle with tho) as it goes well with his sur name......So glad hubbie will be off for a couple of weeks, it will be nice to have a bit of time together before baby arrives, and some help around the house and with Leo 😁

    mummytolily have you heard when your scan is yet? 

    Am having a bit of a low couple of days, little miss isn’t moving much, my grumpy teenager is ruder than ever, and just feeling a bit down.....

  • *Ele your names made me smile, not managed!! 

  • Im working all of xmas 🙈 my partner likes Harper, but surname is Turner and i just dont think it goes! Mrsfish hope you feel more upbeat soon xx

  • Thanks - I think being estranged from my family makes it a hard time of year for me......

    Normally I book in lots with my friends but haven’t done that this year, so feeling a bit lonely - which is rubbish as I am surrounded by people who love me 😍

    Bobble next year you will be on maternity with your little bundle of joy - so won’t have to work a minute of Xmas 😜 xx

  • Such a nice thought!

  • I'm in love with the names Harper, Hallie anxiety Isla girls 😍 My hubby didn't like any though and we've had ariya picked for a girl for nearly 5 years Haha 😂 

    ive having some spotting today so that's a good sign woohoo this girl has never been so happy to be comming on haha 😂 

    thanks for the support girls...I'm not going to keep putting stuff about Mc on here cuz this place is happy and positive but will stick around so I see how you're all doing,, it's  just nice to to have friends to chat too 😀 Ttc cyber family going strong 

  • Ahh I wrote a long post earlier on and it didn’t send signal at Work Is non existent sometimes 😂 

    Mrs fish I do have my dating scan booked for the 9th January at 3pm, I did phone and checked it wasn’t with the same lady luckily it’s not! Thank god! I’ll be 13+3 then which is good as I wanted it a bit later this time 🤞🏻 Everything goes well! 

    Else so glad you’re getting nice strong kicks/elbows 😂 that’s the best part of pregnancy I think! 

    Mrs Rees I’m glad you’re coming on to put your mind at rest! A new year will do you some good! I don’t know about you girls but I’ll be glad to see the back of this year! The first part was amazing, got engaged had a nice family holiday and my best friend got married but losing baby as been one of the (if not the) worst things I’ve ever been through! 

    on A happier note I’m 11 weeks tomorrow 🌈

  • Hi ladies

    So me and the hubby got our early scan today at 9am. Over the moon to announce baby had a heart beat. There were tears and I'm so happy. It's only 8 weeks but she seemed very positive 😍 

    I can now relax a bit and enjoy Christmas.  Then I can wish my life away tI'll my 12 week scan 😂

  • Great news MrsMc, O think 8 weeks is one of those important times to get past, so it’s fab that you can now relax a bit over Christmas, which should also make time go a bit quicker for you :-) 

    Mrs Rees great news about the spotting, it may well be alight one this month, but onwards and upwards to 2018 and that bfp for you :-) 

    Had lots of kicks again yesterday, so feel happier again today - also got carpet fitted yesterday so our bedroom is finally finished 😁 

    Was out at 1am picking up son and his very drunk girlfriend who had been throwing up for a couple of hours (it was her bf’s 16th) I had been trying to get hold of him since 10pm 😔 - not sure how I am going to manage an out of control 16 yr old with his +1 who has pretty much moved in with us with a new born........

  • Fab news on the kicks!! image Must be amazing to feel.

    Ooft I don't envy you! 1am eeek! And it's not even your son that was that drunk. I'd have been embarrassed to go home to my bf mum's house pissed and throwing up! And a new born? Oh my!! 

    On better news glad your bedroom is finished. Not long to go till Christmas. I get next to no time off. Back to work Wed Thursday and Fri but then I've took time off after it so I can actually have time off!

  • Hi girlies, one of those best friends sister is pregnant, had early scan booked today too find out sex, no HB, I am so heartbroken for her, poor bairns only 17, i know its young but her and her partner have literally sorted a house and everything out. Shes been given tablet to induce labour. Beyond words how gutted I am for her xxxxx

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