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Pregnant after miscarriage

I had a miscarriage last month and have found out I am pregnant again. I am so worried I am 13dpo and got my BFP yesterday, I have mild cramps and pains in my back and legs and I'm just so scared incase I lose this one aswell. Is this cramping normal at this early stage? 



  • Hi hun I also got pregnant straight after a miscarriage and had cramping at the start too like a period was on its way. From speaking to other ladies cramping is very common in the early days. Remember your body is preparing for a baby! I can't remember how early I had pain in my back and legs but I have had that too. I'm now 14 weeks pregnant. Hope this is your sticky beanimage congratulations xxx

  • I had pretty bad cramping at the start, I thought AF was coming for sure! I still have period like cramping every now and again (17 weeks). I hope this is your sticky bean! 

  • Thank you ladies so much for reassuring me it's been alright now mainly just pains at either side of my stomach then in my legs mostly xx

  • hello ladies

    i know this is a page for pregnant after miscarriage, but I have a mc 28th last month and now I’m getting cramps in my belly and belly feels bigger and more harder when I touch it and I got my partner to feel and he thinks the same... I don’t wanna get my hopes up but I’m gonna wait until the start off next month to see if I come on and test if I don’t. Fingers crossed thank you x

  • Hey eviezoe, sorry to hear of your miscarriage... the cycle after a miscarriage is often very unpredictable and many women don't ovulate at all which can prolong your next period. That's not to say you haven't ovulated of course, everyone is different. Be kind to yourself and allow time to heal. I know you may want to be pregnant again asap but many health care providers advise waiting for 1 menstural period before trying again. This allows the body to correct itself hormonally and for dating purposes for a new pregnancy to avoid confusing with hcg levels etc. Can I ask how far along you were in the pregnancy? How are you feeling in general? 

  • thank You and I was 5 weeks, I went to the doctors and got checked and everything went with in 4 days. So my body healed really fast and stopped bleeding after 5 days. I feel ready to try again 

  • Aww okay, sounds like it could be a bfp for you soon then 😁 I'll cross my fingers for you! 

  • Thank you elexox

  • Sorry what does A bfp mean? Forgot to ask😂

  • Hey elexox! How are you? 

    Love Mummy bfp is a posivtive pregnancy test (big fat positive) 

  • Thank you mummytolily x

  • Hey mummytolily! Im doing ok thank you, i am 25 weeks tomorrow 😁 how are you keeping? You are 6 weeks now?

    Im glad I found this page, I too feel a bit awkward now posting on the other one. Shall we try and get the other ladies, mrsfish, lisil, bobble and Charley over on this page? I'd love to stay in contact throughout our pregnancies. That group really does mean a lot to me, been with them almost a year now! Hopefully more of the ladies will be joining us over here on this page 🤞🏼🌈👶🏻

  • Wow 25 Weeks already! Makes me sad to think I’d of been 24 weeks tomorrow ☹️ But yeah I’m 6+3 Today :) we should definitely get them over! I’d love to stay into contact with them all too! It also means a lot to me to! All you girls got me through the worst time of my life & I’ll always appreciate it! 

  • Ahh mummytolily, I know how that feels, I kept thinking after id lost my bub last year, I'd be such and such weeks by now ☹️ It's not nice but it does get easier, especially when you pass viability at 24 weeks! But now I've got past the "miscarriage" stage I just panic about premature labour and getting to term! Pregnancy after loss is so difficult but I guess that's what this page is for 😊 I've got a good feeling for you, remember to just count the weeks and take each week as it comes. What are your symptoms so far? Have you been testing still or are you confident you got the darkest line you'll get now? 

    Maybe copy and paste the link to this page and post in that group, I've done so already but they might not of all seen 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • It’s strange that we do it because it’s like torturing ourselves! I can imagine that’s how you feel now but you have to remember you are over the worst bit and that if you did go into premature labour there’s a strong chance they could save baby at 27 weeks. I’m sure everything will be absolutely fine and you’ll have a beautiful healthy baby girl! Thank you elexox I really hope this time works out! My symptoms are ive had cramping but not in about a week now. I get a sharp pain when I cough to hard 😂 which I’ve had with all my pregnancies, I’m exhausted and I’ve had really bad nausea! 

    I think I had the strongest line I could get when I was 4 weeks 2 days it was very strong I’ll attach a picture 

    the first one was 31st October second was 4th November and the last one was 6th November :) 


  • Af Was due 4th November, do You think my lines are quite strong for those dates? 

  • Hi Ladies, I had stopped looking at the other page, as I felt I didnt really belong there anymore. 

    Yesterday was due day for my first loss, actually I managed to get through the day really well.  My husband found a really good deal for a pram, on Black Friday at Mamas and Papas.  So we drove to Lakeside and ordered it, and then grabbed something to eat - I didn’t mention it to him, as we had got through the day without Needing too. 

    I am 18+ weeks now, anxiously waiting my 20 week scan (which is nearer 21 weeks). 

    I am struggling so much with the loss of one of the twins.  I am seeing the consultant end of Dec, she will scan me again.  Hopefully we can get a bit of a plan together then.  

    I told my Aunties on Saturday, and sobbed for a good 30 mins after I told them.  I just can’t talk about it without breaking down - it is so much easier for me to just forget about being pregnant than think about the one who is still doing well......

    Elexox it must be a huge relief to get 25 weeks - I absolutely can Not wait to get there, as I am still such a high risk for miscarriage 😔

    mummytolily they are defo getting stronger :-) symptoms coming in are a really good sign that things are progressing.  I have everything crossed for you, it is a tough ride being pregnant after a loss, but hopefully once you get passed the first trimester your anxieties will start to relax a bit. 

    Maybe the other ladies also haven’t seen the link - I don’t think they have been posting anymore either......

  • Hi ladies. I'm so glad you're all posting here, I've felt to awkward posting in the other one. Im so happy you're all doing well.

    Mrsfish I can't even begin to imagine what you're going through, but you're being so strong and twin one is doing well, I have all my fingers crossed for you. 

    I'm 11 weeks today. Im having a second booking appointment with the hospital midwives, because I've chosen a hospital out of my area (technically), I'm 4.2 miles equal between one of the best in the north west and one of the worse. Guess where I went? Haha so hopefully get a scan date this Friday. 

  • Hey Mrs fish! Lovely to hear from you! I did feel really awkward at first but just tried to push that aside because I didn’t want to lose you all!

    im glad yesterday wasnt to much of a struggle & you managed to have a nice day with your husband! Pushchair is beautiful! Even better that you got a good deal! 

    Did you feel any better speaking to your aunties? I hope they were really supportlive. You’ve come so far and you have done brilliantly you should be so proud of yourself! What is the date of your next scan? In a few weeks you will be able to relax even if it’s just a tiny bit more! Have you felt any Movements yet? 

    Thank you Mrs fish I think once I get to 14 weeks I’ll relax a bit more as my miscarriage was at 13 weeks 

    did you see that bobble got her Bfp a few days ago? 

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