Scared :(


  • For the past 2 days ive been having really bad aches in my lower abdomen, i know cramps and aches are to be expected but ive had 2 mc. And it just feels like the same kind of pain. Differant from just pregnant pains. If that makes sense? I feel as though im just waiting now to go the toilet and see blood image Im scared shitless! I dont think i could handle going through that again, espicailly not now seens as how ive got this far (14+4) Ive got a doctors appointment in the morning but he is never really that helpful and im worried he will just send me home to sit around waiting. I cant stop crying and im biting everyones head off image
  • yea i think you should head for a&e. they will check you internaly for any eveidence for womb is opening or still closed. But at least you will be getting some practical help instead of sitting around driving your self mad you poor thing.

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!! sarah xxx 15+3
  • I agree, get to a&e if your at all worried! dont wait for your doc, he sounds like a numpty anyway. I hope its nothing bad hun. Let us know how you are
  • hi hun, ive had a mc last sept and am now 11 weeks. at around 9 i started having those pains which were to simlar to last time to ignore so i phoned my mw and she booked me in for an early scan next morning but everything was ok. im still getting these pains and get really worried all the time and like u are just waiting for the blood and same old story. im goin docs 2 mo n mines also a waste of time so im going to the drop in mat unit to see if they can find a heartbeat or book me in for a scan (they cancelled my 12 week 1 because they could measure the baby at 9 weeks, now im 11 1/2 weeks and anxious as hell) i hope pains go for u hun as ther horrible!
  • I have been in agony today babe (see my posting) and in the end rang the delivery suite to speak to a midwife! Was told to go straight to them. If you are in pain I would recommend you do that rather than sit for hours in a & e.
    Hope you feel ok babe, Love Lee xxxxx
  • Thank you for all your replys, I rang the Epau earlier and spoke to a midwife there. She was hardly helpful! And said just to take paracetemol every 4 hours and make sure i mention it to doctor tommorow and see what he says! I tried telling her i was in pain and she took no notice. Gonna go doctors in the morning and ask to be refered for a scan, something really isnt right image Still got these pains now, there not getting any worse but no better either. Ive not had any bleeding
  • if you arnt keen on seeing the doctor because you know he will brush you off go to a & e hun,
    by the sounds of it you wont feel any better even after you see your doctor.
    i have had a mmc in the past so with every new pregnancy panick at the silghtest pain, im sure all is fine but you are best getting checked over hun,
    take care and im sure all is fine hunny xxx

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