Has anyone seen a chiropractor while pregnant?
I have started to get low back pain/hip pain/pelvic pain and have been told by a friend to try the local chiropractor as he sorted her out while she was pregnant?

Anyone been to one and does it work?


31+2. xx


  • Hi Rachel,

    I was told by my acupuncturist and consultant to stay well clear of chiropractor whilst you're pregnant but to see an osteopath instead.

    I've got spondylothesis in my lower spine which has been aggravated by pregnancy as well as coccyx pain brought on solely by pregnancy so I am seeing the osteopath regularly - he makes a real difference.

    Hope you feel better soon x
  • Hi, i'm 33+2 and have been to see my chrio every 6-8 weeks all the way through my pregnancy and way before too. It really does help my back,and i plan to keep going now every 3-4 weeks until i give birth and i would even like to take my bubba as it helps with colic and their digestion etc, however if you've never been to one before i would speak to your local chiro and see what they recomend as I know mine would'nt see a friend of mine who had never been to one before.
    a good chiro would say if he didnt think you should be seen!!
  • Well i've been and it was great!
    He clicked a few bits, went no where near baby, spent ages beforehand asking me loads of questions and I feel better already!
    Hip and pelvic pain has gone and lower back much better!
    He said I will get worse before better but am benefitting already!
    He did loads of tests (standing on a funny alignment machine and stuff) and said my pelvis was slightly out of line and this can affect delivery in a natural birth as the baby finds it harder to rotate once starting to come down through so getting it straight over the next few weeks could result in a much quicker birth!
    He showed me on the skeleton and it all makes perfect sense.
    It certainly feels good now! Bring on the shorter birth I say. hehe.....

    31+2. xx
  • I developed a back pain while preg last time round and after he was born was sent to physio which was ok for a while but I still have a recurring prob and son is nearly 2! Have thought about chiro but don't know diff between that and oestopath? and can you get either on NHS? Also, if not, how do you go about finding a good one? My back hurts preg or not and I'd like it cured once and for all but don't really know where to start - doc not much use last time.
    Any help appreciated
    Ta x

    23wks Pink Bump
  • I have been seeing an osteopath, and its made such a massive difference, I am now 38+3 and for thelast few weeks have gone weekly, its is expensive but think these last few weeks are hard enough without back/pelvis pain! I understand it can help with an easier birth- really hope so! I am also planning on taking the baby to get checked- she has recommended waiting till baby is 6 weeks.

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