breastfeeding on youtube!!

Dont ask me how we got on this while browsing youtube it just happened anyway as we were watching i could tell by my OH's face that is was a bit disgusted he's now buggered off to the garden shed. i breast fed my daughter frm a previous relationship and loved it so if he dont like it he can bugger off! mind you there were some gross video's of toddlers still being breast fed and that icks me out a bit but not lil wee babas. has anyone else had this problem? put it on in front of Oh and see what he says. x


  • My oh doesn't really have a problem with it. I breast fed my 2 year old but only managed 3 weeks and the only thing he didn't like was people staring in public, he got quite protective of us. If baby's hungry baby's got to eat and it's as simple as that its the most natural thing you can do for your baby and humans have been doing it since the beginning of time - so why people have a problem with it is beyond my understanding!!!

    Looking forward to bf for a lot longer this time!! Could only do 3 weeks as I had to go back for uni exams etc etc

    He might be different when your little one comes along.

  • hey artygal,
    sorry for the quick change in subject but how did you get on at the hospital the other day?? hope it all went ok for you?
    jo xx
  • Me and dh were watching some of these yesterday funny enough. I have to say my dh thinks it's beautiful and such a natural thing, so I guess I'm lucky as I fully intend to bf for as long as I can. However, seeing it all mixed up with a woman bf'ing her 8 year old as well as the odd porn vid makes it all so much seedier than it should be - wish people could distinguish between using the breast for sex versus using it for bf'ing little one. (and the bf'ing an 8 year old turned my stomach I have to say!)

    30 weeks today
  • i agree with bf and my oh is completely supportive of this as he wants our lo to have the best start in life that we can give her, but i agree with karen that bf`ing an 8 year old is a little excessive. there is a fine little between doing the best an going too far an that goes too far.

    jo xx
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