Advice Please...Any Self-Employed Hairdressers?

Hi I'm a hairdresser and I'm currently I'm employed by a salon. But our boss has said that he is thinking about offerering a 'rent a chair' system to be self-employed which I've always wanted to do because i think I will make more money. Anyway I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do at this moment or not because I think you get less materity pay if you're self employed.
So just wondered if there is anyone else out there who is self employed.
Mrs Johnstone I know that you are a mobile hairdresser have you found out about maternity pay?
Thanks for any advice.


  • Im not a hairdresser but was self employed before claiming maternity allowance. I got ??117 per week, and this is payable as long as your NI has been paid for so many weeks within a certain period. The best thing you could do is go and get a claim form and the "test period" dates for your qualifying would be in there.
  • Hi Kel

    Soz just come across your post.
    Yeah im s/e mobile hairdresser, ive been told id get ??117 a week (not great when i earn more than that in a day!!, but hey ho). BUT lasy on phone also said it all depends on wether ive paid enought NI!! I really hope i have!
    I'd recommend staying employed to get more maternity pay and u prob dont need the stress of running a business at moment chick, it aint easy! Once you get back to work it could be something you could think about and make a fresh start! Do u drive? if so, you should go mobile, all money is your own and less overheads etc.
    Hope that helps

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