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The other night I felt what I orginally thought was the first movement of the baby, but after researching it I think it may have been braxton hicks, it was like a tightening of my lower abdomen it did not hurt but it made me jump and it wore of after about 10 seconds. I haven't felt anything like it since.

I'm 16 weeks today and was wondering when you are likely to get bh and if anyone else has had this experience?

Also, for the first 15 weeks of pregnancy I was not sick at all, I did have motion sickness and then feel queezy for the mornings, but since 15 weeks I have started being sick after eating my breakfast, I feel fine after I have been sick so I am assuming morning sickness has started late for me. Is this possible?

Thank you for your help :\)



  • I know it's naughty but i'm going to bump this up image
  • The term morning sickness is deceptive cos it can start anytime and although generally in the trimester, you can suffer from various ailments at any point during pregnancy, lucky us. Maybe try changing what you are eating and see if that makes any difference. As for the bh, I think it would be unusual to get them this early but don't really know. If you haven'y had any more pain since, it might have been trapped wind?! Nice, eh!? x
  • Awesome trapped wind sounds a lot more boring than BH lol.

    I thought this pregnancy was going so smoothly, I hadn't been ill or sleepy and only a little grumpy, but now I'm being sick lol so much for my textbook pregnancy.

  • Would anyone else like to impart with some wisdom on this?
  • A friend of mine bought me a book by Miriam Stoppard on pregnancy and birth and I remember reading that braxton hicks contractions actually happen throughout pregnancy but most people don't notice them until late on. I think they happen every 20 minutes or so and you may be able to feel them if you are holding your bump at the time. It just feels like a muscle going tight but there is no pain in the early stages.

    I was really surprised when I read this because I just assumed that they only happen when you're like 38 weeks pregnant but apparently not! I've not felt one yet although I frequently get twinges but I think that's just growing pains. I'm 18 weeks now and my bump is starting to expand rapidly!

    Sonia x
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