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Most mums-to-be (secretly) have a definite preference for a boy or a girl: do you agree?


We've been sent a survey suggesting that 4 in 5 mums-to-be think it's normal or have a preference about the sex of your baby – although we're unlikely to admit what our preference is to our friends and family.

Do you think that's true?

If you don't already know that you're having a boy or a girl, do you have a strong preference for one over the other? If you do already know, did you have a preference beforehand?

And if you do, would you share that preference with your family? Or keep it to yourself?

We'd really love to hear what you think about this one. Please do let us know by adding a reply to this thread – thank you!




  • I must be one of the 1 in 5 statistic - I'm currently 14+2 and honestly will be happy with a boy or girl. Just praying for a healthy baby!

    My Gran seemed very surprised, however, that I didn't have a preference. Maybe it'd be different if LO wasn't my first. 

  • with my first child i thought all the way though it was a girl an i was rite my second i thought was a boy and turned out a girl on this one they said looks like a girl because flat between legs but i have no sence on this one jus hope is very healthy xx im 25weeks

  • I have one of each so no preference. In my 2nd pregnancy I secretly hoped for a girl as we already had a boy. I know hubby would like another girl this time. I'm already convinced this one is a boy though!

  • Defo have a preference now & did with my first too - I was right with him, lets hope I am again lol I find out next Thursday! Eeek!

  • I'm finding out Tuesday and I have a preference for a little boy if I'm honestimagexx

  • I don't even though we have 4 girls I'd be just as happy having another girl as I would be having a boy! Healthy is all I'm after and not premature 

  • I dnt know if i have a preference,  i just wish i can have a set of twins and have both sex at thesame time.

  • Hehe, I hope it's a boy because boys love mummy 😁, I won't be disappointed if it's a girl though, I want a healthy chubby baby 😍 

  • With my first I secretly wanted a girl (I would have been happy with a boy too) but it was for the selfish reason of being the first girl grandchild. My 2 sister in laws were pregnant at same time as me and both had boys 3/4 months bedore my daughter was born. So when she was a girl I was delighted. This time I would have liked a boy for my OH but I'm just as delighted to be carrying a healthy girl. I think it's natural to have these feelings but it doesn't change the love or happiness you feel when your having a child anyway ❤ now that it's two girls I know I'll have I can see benefits to this for example toys, days out, clothes etc!

  • I always thought I wanted a girl but now I'm pregant I don't mind either way just happy baby is cooking nicely in there! 

  • I had no preference either way I was just desperate for a healthy baby after 2 late miscarriages, I think the statistic is very dependant on a lot of thing's. 

    I had a little boy and I couldn't be happier.

    If we do try again I again won't have a preference and won't find out like the first time when my H told me we had a boy!

    I love the surprise at the end of labour. 

  • Hi i have some questions so last month i got my period on march 7 then this month i was late by 3 day i had took a pregnancy test and it come out positive then the next day i started to bleed that lasted 3 days then a week from that i took a test and its negative can i still be pregnant just to early to detect.please help me will some advisethanks

  • Hi Nicole. It's unusual for a test to be positive and you not be pregnant but it does happen. I would take another test. I got my periods every month when I was pregnant with my 2nd child and so I didn't know until I was 6 months gone. I also know how hard it is waiting to do a pregnancy test when your so excited to find out but I think your best waiting till your periods atleast a week or more late for the test to be accurate. Fingers crossed and all the best. let me know your result 

  • With my 2 pregnancies I hoped for boys and got blessed with 2 healthy ones. When we try for our  3rd and final baby I would secretly be rooting for a girl. I've always wanted 3 children 2 boys and a girl but if I have another boy is would no way be upset or disappointed. They'll be perfect either way! Xx


  • Thanks so much i pray and i know that God is in control 

  • I alway been for the past 2 day been feeling a lot of jitters in my lower abdomen and my stomach has been very hard

  • I really didn't mind which sex baby I had.  When i was was pregnant second time round people would say oh r u hoping for a girl this time... and I genuinely wasnt and was sooo happy when I found out I was having another boy. I wouldn't of minded either way at all. Wouldn't change my boys for the world 💙

  • I have a 21 month old son and am currently 14 week's pregnant so I'd secretly love a girl to balance it out! 

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