Still off my food?

Hi I have been off my food since about week 9 and am just over 12 weeks I have tried to force food down me as I know the baby needs it but I just can't do it. I am feeling weak and dizzy all the time and I know it is due to me not really eating.

I love my food soooo much in fact I always eat way to much so why am I still off my food??

K xx


  • HI hun, i have been on my food right from the start............until...........YESTERDAY!!!! I am so happy i acyually fancy food now and enjoy it abit more. i suppose everyones different hun, xxx
  • hey, think im about 13 wks today and im still off my food. like you im having to make myself eat and then its very small portions n more like snacking than actual meals. i have to make myself have something every couple of hours otherwise i start to feel sick. all ive had today is a small bowl of cereal (which i then threw up - think because i left it too long before eating breakfast), a bolied egg (hubby made me a sndwich but i couldnt eat the bread), yoghurt with raspberrys and strawberries. dh is making lasagne for dinner, which im gonna try and eat. my doc said that as long as you are drinking enough water and trying to eat you'll be fine, as the baby takes everyting it needs from us its why weve got no energy as it doesn't leave us anything for ourselves. she said she lost 2 stone when she was pg. i take the pregnacare vitamin too to try and get some vitamins in me. hope you feel better soon hun xx
  • Hey,

    I went off my food from about 6 wks and only got the taste for it again at about 32wks! so i lost a fair bit of weight, i spoke to the mw about it- she told me not to worry as my 'little parasite' will take everything he needs and leave me with nothing!!

    Mw just advised me to eat little and often- and drink plenty.

    Hope you feel better soon

  • aww dont worry bout baby need ing foon the baby will take everything it needs off u the baby will be fine it will be u that feels like crap aslong as u keep ur fluids up u shud be fine hun xxx
  • dont worry! baby is getting everything it needs from your stores so just eat what you can when you can...I went off food from about 8 weeks to about 18 weeks!!

  • Hi K-Lou,
    No advice, just wanted to say that I know how you feel and it's only just started for me... Have been feeling so awful the last few days and nothing appeals. Have had to force things down but had no enjoyment. I'm only 7 weeks - eek!

    Hope you feel better soon xx
  • Thanks girls,

    I have been really really trying to eat more but it's so hard. I honestly thought I would be wanting to eat loads more both my friends who were pregnant could not get enough food?

    Hope this passes soon though.

    K xx
  • I was still off my food at 17 weeks - annoyingly Mum and I were in Florida so all that yummy food and some of it I just couldn't stomach!!!

    I think my appetite returned fairly soon after that holiday though, around 19 weeks probably.

    My advice would be eat whatever you can. Your baby won't suffer, it will just take absolutely everything it needs from you. This is what my MW told me. As such, I spent the 1st 3 months or so eating Cottage Pie and Macaroni Cheese!!!

  • Did you LOL I have only eat things that are bad for me but I just thought I have to eat or I am going to pass out.

    Am trying more fruit now so lets hope that works

    K xx
  • Hi K-Lou,I'm now 18 weeks and still have days where i am off my food and it's really annoying me!! I also love my food so i am not liking this much! xx
  • heya Wouldnt worry hun I was off my food from day one till about 20weeks it at times seemed easier to eat bad stuff like sweets/jellies etc but then i'd feel bad afterwards even if it was the first thing i'd ate in hours/days, Mw said as long as your getting calories dnt worry even if its a fizzy drink (left to go flat, the fizz made me feel more sick) Just aslong as your getting calories ;\)

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