sick 4 good !!

lol after my little trip to the labour ward on mon night i have now been signed off work for 4 weeks till my maternity leave starts !!!

8 weeks till lo due and im going crazy already !!!
anyone got any tips on how to stop myself going crazy????
i dont want to start washing baby clothes yet as i was waiting till it was a bit warmer to hang them outside
help !!!!:?


  • Spend the time relaxing and pampering yourself. Start applying johnsons holiday skin every day, have a pedicure, get your eyebrows waxed, and any other relevant bits waxed (especially those you haven't see in a while!) give yourself a good pamper. That way when you give birth and someone is taking the first photos of you and new baby, you won't look like you've been in hours of labor you'll look fantastic ! Suz x
  • love it!!! lol i hadnt thought of that !!!
  • Its all about you time, and surfing the shops that what I did last time on my maternity leave. I must admit tho i did get bored sh**less after a week or so, itll be ur chance to keep up with daytime tv...yay, lol. Enjoy it b4 baby comes coz u wnt get an ounze ov rest then. Kerry xxx

  • I started making up extra meals that I can freeze, so that I dont have to worry about that sort of thing once when little one has arrived. Also gets me some practice in cooking as I'm fairly crap at it.
    enjoy yourself the time will soon pass
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