My bump seems to have dropped.

Over the last week my bump has noticably dropped, severral people have commented on it. I am only 32 weeks and concerned that it is a bit too soon for this to be happening. Does anyone know if this is normal?



  • Hi, I'm also 32 weeks and at my last midwife appointment my midwife confirmed that lo was head down as I thought. Its nothing to be concerned about, and it doesn't necessarily mean he/she is going to stay there as they still just about have room to wriggle around if they want to be awkward!!

    L xx
  • Snap! I'm 33 wks and I was told on weds that he is well down in my pelvis which I thought was a bit worrying - however after last night where he wriggled all night I think hes moved back up again! I just think they like to practice the route they are gona take!! x
  • I actually noticed that mine had dropped a few days ago. At first I thot I was wrong as I'm only 30 weeks but now I'm sure it has- I notice it more when I sit down. I don't think its anything to worry about tho
  • People have also commented that I am carrying low, im 30w. Im not gonna worry myself cause everyone carries differently. Also more old wives tales by them saying it will be a boy. Cant wait to see if its true.

  • My lo was 2/5 engaged at 34 weeks. My midwife warned me that she might arrive early and she did but only 10 days before her due date. I would make sure that you have your stuff ready just in case but don't worry. Baby will arrive when they are ready and at least if they are early you don't have to do all that stressing about being overdue!
  • Thanks, i feel a lot better now knowing that this is not unusual.
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