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12 weeks & 3 days - look at my scan pic!

Had my first scan today and cannot believe how long it's legs are! So in love it's unreal! image


  • Wow! Those legs are so cute! 

    I had a scan at 11 weeks, caught him flipping in the air and kicking the top of the sac lol

  • Yes mine was doing summersaults and all! Couldn't believe it, and also couldn't understand how I didn't feel it haha xx

  • Haha awwww so precious, when are you due Hun? I'm due 10th Nov x

  • 3rd Nov, seems soooo long away! 

  • There's a Due in November 17 group if you ever fancy chatting. A few of us have scans this week so there will be scan pics flying around haha. X

  • Hi Jodig, that is an absolutely awesome scan picture, and you're right, incredible legs! Are you or your partner tall? 

    As the very lovely Jadeelx says, we do have a Due in November 17 birth club - please do come and check it out, we'd love for you to join! 

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