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How many weeks were you when you started buying baby stuff?

im 14 weeks on Saturday and really want to start buying wee bits and bobs, Is it too early? 


  • It's personal choice really. Depends on your budget etc too. Many people wait til afyer 20w scan but I didnt.

    With my last pregnancy I didn't get positive until 16w so we panic bought and had most of the big stuff (pram, carseat, cot, furniture, tommee tippee starter kit etc) ordered by 25w. Bought the clothes and nappies, toiletries etc each week with the shop. This time I knew I was pregnant instantly and got positive about 4w. I think I started buying around 9w but just things like toiletries as I knew I could use them in daughter too worst case. Pram was ordered in January when I was 22ish weeks. But I had bought few neutral bits of clothes etc. After 20w scan I stocked up on nappies, wipes, all the usual day to day stuff. I think being my 2nd I'm much more laid back this time and don't feel organised at all (I'm 37w but I do have nearly everything lol). 

    I don't believe in all the bad luck theories of baby stuff in house etc. If you want to buy, buy. Just keep receipts and many places won't deliver until nearer due date if you ask.  

    My advice is when the baby events are on (like now) and the sales  (next summer sale is always a good one for clothes!) Stock up. Saves money and means your not spending too much all at once.

    Let the fun commence 😛


  • Thank you !!  I've got a few knitted stuff what's white and cream so could do both, really want to start buying the now wee bits and bobs so I am ready, and dont need to spend too much money at once what I haven't got, so was thinking of spreading the cost kinda thing xx

  • Caity we've started getting a few bits and bobs but we don't want loads of neutral clothes so are going to wait til after my next scan so we know whether we are buying pink or blue! I've said no big things until 20 weeks or maybe 24 weeks it depends how I feel.

    So far we have a couple of outfits (gifts) a cream hooded blanket with ears which is adorable (gift) a couple of vests with things on, 2 packs of plain vests, a box of wipes, bibs and a couple of soft toys/blankies image I know I will become an obsesso once we find out what we're having though!

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