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Glucose tolerance test

Hi I am 30 weeks pregnant and last week had my gtt. It was fine, no issues. (I had this because of my age, bmi and I have too much amniotic fluid around the baby). I then today spoke to my consultant who said I should have another gtt although the one 1 week ago was fine. Has anyone else heard of being made to have another after the first was negative for gestational diabetes? I hate needles and refused it but am having second thoughts because it's obviously better to be safe than sorry. But what's the point of having 2 plus all the extra scans they are throwing in too! Advice please!


  • Unless your results were borderline I wouldn't see a reason to repeat it? Is baby measuring larger than dates? I'm a nurse and I know only too well what it's like to be needle phobic  (I am such a wuss and faint practically every time! I can use them on others just not have them used on me! Which is bizarre) And to deal with people needle phobic. Hopefully you don't need it and it's just a misunderstanding. Be interesting to hear if others have had 2 though. X

  • Not borderline, baby is measuring average on the scale chart thingy they use. When I had my extra scan 2 weeks ago they said baby is perfect size, but his belly was on the very slightly big side, and that I had excess fluid. I then had the gtt last week and it was all good. But this consultant seemed to be sending everyone for and extra scan, even the radiology dept were getting a bit annoyed and they could t fit me in so I am having to have it at a different hospital. She measured my belly today and it is showing 32 instead of 30 but I have excess fluid so of course I am bigger! Don't know what she is thinking about and I don't want more needles than I need!

  • I meant your blood results being borderline.  Even though they are within "normal range" sometimes they can be just meeting normal so doing it a different day can give a different result. I hope you don't need it! Seems your consultant is very eager not to miss anything with anyone but at end of day they only give recommendations. If you don't want the test again you don't need to have it. And as a precaution you can always follow a low sugar diet anyway.

    Fingers crossed for you! Sounds like baba is doing just fine Xxx

  • I had 3 GTT in my last pregnancy..One at 16 weeks - Negative one at 28 weeks - Negative one at 34 weeks - Positive.

    I had the last one as baby was measuring large...8lb2 at 38 weeks he was induced at 38+3 at 7lb 6.5ozs.

    I know it's a pest but it's well worth getting tested because it can develop at any point as you can see in my history .There are so many risks if you have undiagnosed GD.

    Please so your research and see if it's worth risking it or worth just 1 morning if suffering?

  • It can happen, especially if you have had GD in a previous pregnancy.

    Small things can affect the results  (eating or drinking before the first blood test, drinking water during the test period...) so if the results are only just within the normal guidance then they can ask for a repeat test

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