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I VE done 4 home positive pregnancy tests. went to the doctors and my urine come up negative? I am 2 days past my missed period now. 

Why dose the doctors come up negative? I VE read a lot of this 

the pictures are in order image


  • I got a negative pregnancy test at the doctors then went home and did a home pregnancy test and was positive and i was due 2 days ago

    doctors tests arnt as sensitive as home tests 

    do a clearblue digital again cause it should say 2-3 when a period is missed or wait a week 😊

  • Ah glad I am not the only one. It's so annoying makes you think you are not pregant lol. 

    Yeah I will do  I keep you posted xxx😘

  • You have 4 positive tests there you are def preg 😘 X

  • I work for nhs and the tests we get on order aren't very sensitive. Depending on supplier at the time it varies from 25-50 miu so I wouldn't worry about the GP one. The positive digital one totally over rides that. Congrats xx

  • Ah really! Thank you that's made me feel better!! Was going crazy lol. Xxx

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