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Braxton Hicks??

Hey Ladies...

I think i have had braxton hicks before but not like these...

Do you think these are braxton hicks... My belly keeps going rock solid and i get period type pains/aches in my lower back and pelvic area and a bit above??

Thanks Sam

32+6 xx


  • Hi I had braxton hicks throughout my pregnancy and when I first started getting proper contractions I couldn't tell the difference until I noticed they were coming regular.
    Just keep an eye on how regular they are and if there is a pattern to them contact your mw.
  • Ok thanks. What should i do then when i notice them next look the the time and note it down then note down when they stop?? Sorry to sound dumb lol

  • Yer thats what I did lol I wrote down the exact time at the start of every one for about an hour and a half and realised they were every 4-8 mins!
  • hi huni im the same as you ive been getting about 20 aday and on friday night i woz getting them every few minutes for 3 hours but the mw said im the best judge and ring up if it happens again as ive already had a prem baby!! its so worrying though!
    hope all is ok
    luv clare

  • i had these when i was 26wks pregnant and they were every 2-3 mins and lasted 3 hours and it was going in to my back and making me want to go to the loo,in my pregnancy book it said it could be early labour,i phoned the hospital up and the mw said to take a few painkillers and if they hadnt gone in a few hours to call them back as i was high risk due to having twins,they did stop thank god,keep an eye on them and if they are reg' then take some tabs to see if it eases,if not ring the hospital

  • Thanks everyone for your replies. They seem to have stopped now. But will keep my eye on them. xx
  • My MW said the best way to tell other than regulatory (sp?) is to take painkillers. If they go they are BH's if not then they are contractions!

    Tara 38+1
  • Thanks immense. xx
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