Hi All, just thought I would let you know that I took out a subscribtion to Prima baby mag however I have only just found out that you do not get any of the freebies that you normally would if you were to buy this is the shops! Just thought I would warn everyone as you are not made aware of this at the time.



  • yes i found this out last month, not happy about it!
  • Hi Lisa, no I wasn't happy about it either but you can cancel your sunscribtion by e-mailing [email protected]
    Know it might only be a few freebies but we should be told about this BEFORE we sign up!
  • Thanks for the advise, I was gona sign up but dnt think i will now, coz i dnt wana be restricted to the one mag, I like to chose the one with the best freebie, ha ha ha, im a cheap arse. Kerry xxx

  • same here Kerry, thats why I was so pissed off when I relised that you didn't get the freebies! Something to do with postage costs!!!
  • i was going to subscribe to that too as i thought it would be alot cheaper but obviously not! x
  • i was going to subscribe to that too as i thought it would be alot cheaper but obviously not! x
  • i was going to subscribe to that too as i thought it would be alot cheaper but obviously not! x
  • i was going to subscribe to that too as i thought it would be alot cheaper but obviously not! x
  • Oh bugger...i've signed up & didn't even realise!! Mind you i'm terrible for buying mags, so having it sent is easier for me!!
    Sarah xx
  • Sarah you can actually cancel the order if you want to! you just need to contact quailtymags. the e-mail adress is on the confirmation that you would have recieved. I don't think its fair that they can get away with not informing people.
  • I think i will do that actually! Its not fair at all - it should be made clearer!
  • good for you Sarah! don't think they should get away with it.....we want our freebies!!!!!!!
  • I subscribe to Prima mag through Tesco Club Card points scheme so super cheap but I was gutted that the freebies on aren't on it...been meaning to complain for ages but never got around to it. I only subsribed as I thought it would guarantee me not missing out on the freebies! Doh! I'm not going to continue the subscription, especially as I even received the mags out of order!? One arrived so late all the competitions were out of date! I really don't know what happened...but I still love the mag - I'll just have to get it from the shop when my sub runs out!

    When I used to subscribe to Marie Claire you always got the freebies on that...I mainly choose my mag by what freebie it has on it!

    Maybe it's because the post office put their prices up?!
  • Ohhhh!!! They haven't answered my email about exactly this yet!! I joined cos of the free breast pump and i like the mag, still waiting for the breast pump, and the answer to my emails...... I really like the mag and the site, it's a real shame the customer service lets them down, i think i'll email them again to see if they might find this thread complain away - you never know they might listen!!! Postage is a rubbish excuse - we paid for the priviledge and guarantee custom....the postage is their issue not ours....sure this is covered by good faith...?
  • Glad I haven't subscribed yet. I love getting the free gifts! XXX
  • Hi everyone
    Thanks for posting your messages regarding subscriptions for Prima Baby magazine, and sorry you feel so disappointed at missing out on your free gifts.
    Our reasons for not including the free gifts with your magazine are indeed to do with the cost of postage, which has, as you will be aware, risen quite considerably over the past year. However, please be aware that you are legally informed (albeit in the small print) when you take out a subscription that the on-cover gifts will not be included. BUT you are getting your subscription at a greatly reduced rate, plus we don't include a free gift with the magazine every month, and you are still able to send for any free gifts featured within the magazine. For those of you who took out subscriptions at any of the Baby Shows, you will have received a free gift to the value of approx ??24, which is not equalled in value by any of the gifts on our cover. You also receive your copy of the magazine ahead of it going onsale in newsagents/supermarkets, which gives you an advantage when entering competitions or giveaways which are open only to the first XX number of entries.
    We would hate to lose any of our lovely readers, so hope you will continue to enjoy all the benefits and pleasures of being part of our community. Thanks for taking the time to contact us.
  • Thanks for explaing this. But how do we get our free gifts? I think the problem is that sometimes the gifts are really useful hence why we don't want to miss out on them. Plus like me some people may have taken out the subscription on the web and got nothing in the way of a free gift for doing so just the reduced costs.
    Thanks Tammi
  • Thanks Tammi for starting this, at least they have taken notice.
  • I haven't had mine before they are in the shops but maybe that's Tesco's fault as my subscription is through their club card points system...or maybe it's the posties fault.
    Oh well, atleast it arrives eventually! lol!
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