when should I pack my bag for labour?

i am now 34+2 when should I pack my bag and what should i include? any ideas?


  • i would start packing now as the weeks will pass before you know it
    baby blanket
    body suits
    scratch mitts
    outfit for trip home
    baby lotion
    baby wipes
    cotton wool
    dressing gown
    sanitary towels
    think i covered everything do two bags one for you and one for baby
  • V. helpful list - thanks! But this terrifies me slightly. I don't even know what a scratch mitt is! Sounds like a boxing glove for cats.

    Probably a silly question but why do you need body suits and sleepsuits? I was thinking just the sleepsuits might be better for a newborn. Oh Lordy, Lord I know nothing!!!

    Jo x
    (31 weeks and can't believe it!!!)
  • scratch mitts are just like little baby gloves lol but thinner ext, it stops baby scratching there faces ext.i found them really handy last time so will be deffo packing some this time, you can get sleepsuits with mittens atatched to there good they fold back so you dont have to have them on.


  • Only things i miss off are baby wipes and lotion as most hospitals don't like you to use them on newborns, just plain cotton wool & water, saves a bit of space in the bag!!

    I packed mine at 32wks, then redid them several times up to 36wks when i knew i had everything i needed plus some things i didn't!!

    I'd also suggest you freeze some bottled water to take with you, hospital water is normally warm & manky tasting!

    Good luck
  • That sounds like a good idea about the water to me but I remember that when i had hyperemesis early this year our ward had a chilled water dispenser which seemed ok.
  • I would also include some light snacks that won't go off, things like biscuits for example as if you have a long labour you may get hungry. (I had a couple of packets of lucozade energy tablets as well). Make sure your birth partner has a bag packed too with a camera and some food for them, you don't want them to decide to go off in search of food at a crucial moment! I split my stuff into two bags last time, one for me and one for the baby.

    p.s. Oh and don't forget an old night shirt or t-shirt or something to wear during labour, and if you are planning on b.feeding make sure your pj's are east access!
  • made a mistake on my first post i am only 33+5 today BOO HOO still only six weeks to go on wednesday. Suffering now though sickness is back.

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