McDonalds Milkshake??

Hi Ladies...

Hope you are all well!!

Just wondering are McDonalds Milkshakes ok to have when pregnant i really want a strawberry one soooo bad. Does anyone know??

Thanks sam

27 Weeks today!! xxxx


  • They are fine chick to be honest for me it was one of the only things that got rid of my heart burn
  • i have wanted these all through pregnancy but was warned off them due to the machine it is kept in. (i.e temp and cleanliness). Can't 9 weeks to go and then I will be having one!
  • not sure but was told by mw the mcflurry was a no go!hence why ive been wanting a creme egg one for months x
  • Hi,

    I think there was a post on here a while ago about Mcflurry's and someone said as Mc D's clean their machines religously everyday it's fine. I would see what everyone else says but I would say one wouldn't hurt!
  • I don't think we are supposed to, under the same principles as McFlurry and Mr Whippy ice cream but I have had 2 milkshakes since I've been pregnant just because I couldn't resist.
  • Thanks for the replies ladies... I think i will get one 2moro! like you say one cant hurt! Thanks again xxxx
  • I had Mcflurrys when pg cos McDs clean their machines twice a day and the mixture is pasteurised. Its ice cream vans you shouldnt eat from as you dont know if its pasteurised or how often its cleaned. Obviously if you go in McDs and it looks skanky dont risk it but i know a few people who have worked there and they had to clean lots!!
  • I had a serious craving for strawberry thickshakes and fries when I was pregnant with Neve, at one stage I was having them every single day!
  • yeah, they are fine, I don't usually like macdonalds but have found random cravings for milkshakes and burgers... oh no... I want a strawberry milkshake now.
  • Lol thanks and sorry for making you want one alabaster xx
  • Hi

    if your worried about them turning the machines off find a 24 hr restaurant! milkshakes great for heartburn and apparently good for early labour as give loads of energy - mw suggested getting one on way in especially as hosp so hot!
  • i had exactly the same craving, i just had to have a strawberry milkshake from Mcs so i had one and it was the best!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hiya - i actually asked at mc d's last time i was pg and they said they didn't think it was a good idea as they couldn't guarantee it was all pasturised properly etc. But i had McFlurry's towards the end - there's only sooo much you can give up! Just one every now and then should be fine! Enjoy! x
  • hi ive had mcflurrys and milkshakes from mc donalds all way threw my pg i luv thm... ive neva herd that u shudn't have thm b4.. ive had thm with my 1st and had no problems xx
  • Thanks everyone!! Cant wait to have one 2moro after 4d scan hehe!! xx
  • I cried in my last pregnancy (my baby is 7 months) because I drank a maccy's milkshake .. well a bit of it lol - how silly! I'm sure they are fine and I was really strict and my baby came out really healthy!
    I do think it is aimed more that the ice cream vans that swich there engines on and off throught out the day!
    I was also told not to eat peanuts remember only 7 months ago and now were told something completely diffrent that we should have some in our diet to prevent intolarants :roll: ... So funny my OH 'can I have some of your snickers?' .. 'I thought you weren't allowed peanuts babe?' ...'No that was with Charlie (my first) the guildlines have changed now were allowed them again!' :lol: He just lets me get on with it haha xx
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