has anyone concive straight after mc

hi all just wondering if anyone has concived straight after a mc and if so how long after and how fertile are u after mc. i was only one to 2 weeks so percived as late period af was 2 days late


  • Hi,

    I was six weeks when i mc, i concieved straight away and my baby is due in eight days. xxx
  • oh my god how long after mc did u concive
  • hi hun i became pregnant the month after mc without an af, i'm16+2 weeks now!!! best of luck and billions of babydust......luv rachie xx

  • hiya i had a mc 9th jan and by 9th feb i had concieved agn and im expecting my little bundle of joy on 18th nov xx good luk x
  • Hi, i mc on my 5th pregnancy in may at 7-8wks, i had bleeding for just over a week and had a period (my LMP) 20th june. I'm pregnant now with my 5th baby but 6th pregnancy and due end of march. x
  • Hiya

    I had a mc in July, I waited for my period then conceived after that. Only took one go and now nearly 10 weeks pregnant, had scan yesterday and all ok so hopefully this one will work out :\)

    Good luck

    Adi x
  • wow rozella thats hard 18mc your brave but 5 beautiful kids. thanks thinking i may have concived very quickly after mc but cant test yet tooo early x
  • tested on the 4th oct bled on 10th but period was only 2 days late. bled for 6 days so yhat was 16th resumed sex 17th
  • yes they were posative 4 days before i was due and at 2 days late. so i count my cycle from my bleed so af due 6th nov
  • no i did not go back as preg tests were neg after bleed. but now got bad af cramps last 2 days and thick white discharge sorry tmi. my boobs have thick black veins on them and feel funny but other than that no symptoms. what happened with your girl
  • i have no idea what my body is doing lol
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