Braxton hicks....what are they like?

i everyone, i am 30+4 and am not sure if i have had any braxton hicks. My bump goes really hard at night sometimes, tends to be like that for half an hour or so. then go away for a bit, then come hard again. is this braxton hicks or is it just the babies position? it is quite sore when its hard, have trouble going up and downstairs and not too comfy to walk. does this sound like what any of you have had?

Lis x x


  • Hi Lis

    Sounds like it could be to me. Not all women feel Braxton Hicks but this can go completely to the other end of the scale and some women experience really strong ones. What you're experiencing sounds like how I feel when I have Braxton Hicks. I mainly get them at night too, though the last time I went to see the mw, she was palpating my tummy to feel the baby and made me have a Braxton Hicks!!!

  • Braxton hicks are meant to be painless, but I always found them uncomfortable, much like you describe, Lis. Its funny I never believed people but you def know when they change to real contractions, mothers instinct is amazing xxDBxx

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