is this normal??

ive had mornin sickness for the past wee or so! im 7+4 weeks this morningi was bein sick and it was bright yellow and it had a lil bit of bloo in??? im goin 2 thedocs this after noon just wanted your opinion thanx x x x


  • Hi Bec,

    The yellow is your stomach acid so that's normal especially if you have an empty stomach or have been sick lots. The blood is probably a burst blood vessel which can happen if you are violently sick. It could be something more sinister but probably isn't so you're doing the right thing by getting it checked out and putting your mind at rest.

    Hope you're feeling better soon. I found Jacob's cream crackers were great for lining my stomach and stopping me from feeling sick.


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  • thanx 4 that hun! i got an appointment at 3.30 hope everythings ok! ive got arrow route buiscits n ther really nice lol
  • saw the doc and es givin more something for the sickness its some black current stuff that will give me some more calories so im havin enough for me + baby
  • Exactly the same thing happened to me! I ended up in hospital on a drip I got so bad so keep an eye on yourself image If it keeps happening ask for Cyclizin (spelling?) it was the only thing that finally brought me any relief!
  • i hope that doesnt happen to me! hate bein hospital! im makin sure i eat at least 3 meals a day or just little things but often lol!
  • Yeah it was miserable, specially cos the OH's granny died the day I went in so he was in a real state and I was no help to him! As long as you're keeping water down you'll be fine, but dont be a martyr! The medicine has no effect on the baby and if it'll make your pregnancy easier for you it'll be worth it...
  • the only the thing i can keep down is water! also the doc was worried that ive lost hlf a stone too! not good but not intenional! im findin work really hard to cope with to! wen i had a mmc in summer id had a really bad year my aunty, grandad,grandad in law died at xmas time then wen i had mmc my step grandad died so this is the best thing 2 happen 2 me in a long time! and just hope it all runs smoothly image
  • Hi, hope your ok! Morning sickness is HORRIBLE! I had it really bad, like you I could barely keep anythin down, sometimes not even water. It got better throughout the day though so I didn't go to the doctors. Luckily it stopped at about 10-11 weeks...but I still can't smell certain foods cos they make me sick. I also lost 9lbs unintentionally.

    That yellow watery stuff is normal, I had it, it's when there's nothing in your stomach (or if there's just water). Anyway it's a lot more pleasant then throwing up a full meal lol.

    Hope everythins ok, I'm sure you will feel better soon x x

  • I had exactly the same and also ended up in hospital on a drip. You're lucky you can keep down water. I couldn't even keep that down. Just keep drinking plenty of water so that you don't get dehydrated, and don't panick too much about not eating that much at the mo. Turns out that the baby gets everything you do eat so the baby should be fine. Doesn't leave you feeling too great though unfortunately.
    Hope morning sickness eases soon. If it's an consolation, i had sickness like you around the same time, and it only lasted for 2wks and get any for rest of pregnancy.
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