Hi Girlies,

I'm back from the hair salon so I can tell you about my scan now!

Luckily wasn't waiting long as I needed a wee and felt a bit sick from nervousness and lack of food, but I felt so much better when I saw our baby on the big screen

It was absolutely wonderful! The baby was wriggling around, and when the sonographer wanted to look at its nasal bone it kept putting it's hand in the way. It turned to face us too!

Anyway, measurements etc:

Date is the same- 13 weeks today
EDD the same- 6th August
CRL- 73.9mm
Nuchal fold- 1.4mm (apparently that's good?)
Don't have a heartrate to tell you I'm afraid

Anyway, I'm so happy right now. We got wonderful pictures, and I'll put them up hopefully on the weekend, after I have told some people who I don't want finding out on FB

Yay!!!!! xxxxx


9+1 scan



13 week scan

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  • Ah that's wonderful news flower! Huge congrats, can't wait to see your piccies! xx
  • congratulations hun. xxx
  • Thanks guys! Still feeling so happy this morning! xx
  • Yay fabulous news Kimmy! Does it all feel like its really happening now? I'm so pleased for you.

    Bec 25 weeks today! x
  • congrats can wait to see the pics

  • Thanks girls! I guess it is starting to feel more real now, but I can't wait till I get a proper little bump and I can feel it moving. It was something just seeing it move though! It kept flipping up and floating back down again

  • I am sooo pleased for you honey image Your is bigger than mine, mine was 62 I think crown to rump we are also due on the same dayimage

    K xx
  • So pleased you scan went well! so exciting getting to seey your baby. Looking forward to seeing pictures xx
  • I'll put them on asap!

    K-lou, I have a growth chart which shows it's size this time and also on the last two scans, and also has three lines showing the normal range and the average babys size. The last two scans it was more or less on the average line, but this time it is bigger than average but still within the normal range. I was surprised actually as I know I'm not eating enough!! I did see when she did the measurement 13+2 came up, but they still kept me at 13 weeks exactly. I'm glad of that because any change would affect me being able to get holiday insurance in June

    Did anyone else get shown their baby from different angles? She showed us it from the top so we looked down at its head and saw it's arms sticking out, and also we saw it's legs crossed at the ankles and it's little feet! x
  • At our 12 week scan we were mostly shown side on views but at our 20 week scan we were shown him from lots of different angles.

    My avatar is the top of his head and his little shins, I love it!

    Really glad you had such a nice scan x
  • Congratulations - Reality kicks in now as it becomes so real!!!
  • I think it will kick in more when I can feel it. But to even see it move- my God it was wonderful. I think it was the best thing I have ever seen in my life!xx

    13+4 x
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