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Heavy bleeding in early pregnancy

I'm hoping someone might be able to share some positive stories from bleeding in early pregnancy.
5 days ago I started spotting light brown as the days went on it got darker and 2 days ago it went bright red I went to a&e they scanned me could see baby but to early to detect a heartbeat. Yesterday morning i was bleeding heavy to the point it was dripping out of me (sorry tmi) filling a pad in 20 minutes I went straight to a&e again they done internal tests (couldn't do a scan as I had one day before) they took my bloods and my hormone levels are 7000 which they said are quite high - I'm going back tomorrow to have them done again to see if they are increasing or decreasing.
I am absolutely terrified! This is my 2nd pregnancy my first was nothing like this at all I am still losing blood as if it's a period now I'm just hoping someone has some positive stories for me! I think I'm 6weeks +5 🙁🙁



  • I've also been having really bad cramping it comes on in waves but they can get quite bad 🙁

  • Hi,  I had a lot of bleeding during early pregnancy, caused dizziness etc due to the amount of blood loss, started at 6 weeks and had a scan, baby all good, every week following I had an even heavier bleed and another scan to check baby all ok, at one point my bleeds were soaking through a pad (sorry tmi) at about 1 in half an hour, thankfully didn't last too long, doctors had no idea what was causing it and still don't know now, im currently 16 + 3 weeks pregnant with the same pregnancy and so far still going well with a little fighter still going strong, I haven't had any bleeding now since I was 13 weeks. I hope this helps and hope it all goes ok for you xxx

  • Thank you so much for your reply! It's good to know there are some positive stories :) did you have cramping too? Xx

  • Good luck Ewright.  I went to the epu this morning because I have been spotting brown.  The midwife did a urine pregnancy test which only used a fainitish line so she insisted it was negative and said I probably had or would miscarry.  She has taken a blood test which I am waiting for the results of.  I came home did another cbd and still got pregnant 1-2 weeks which I've had 3/4 times since Sunday.  when I got home from the hospital I wiped and the blood seemed more red.  I've put a sanitary towel in but it's clean 2 hours later.  the next time I went to the toilet I just had dry brown staff when I wiped again and just now I've been to the toilet and got a little brown when I wiped.  I'm prepared for the worst but don't know what to think about this 

  • Hi 

    A newbie here :) I feel your pain. I had 2 positive first response pregnancy tests on Friday. Was in complete shock as was not planned. Did a clearble digital test on Sat morn and it confirmed positive with 1-2wks on it. Started to get my head round it over the weekend and told my 8 yr old boy he was going to be a big brother. Woke up yesterday and found some brown spotting in my knickers. Put a tiny tena pad just to keep aj eye on it. There was pink spotting every time i wiped. Then yesterday afternoon i started to get really bad cramps. And the blood was coming on heavier. I took some paracetomal, had a bath and an early night. Put an always night pad on just incase. Woke up this morning to the pad being half soaked with bright red blood and a few stringy clots. Made a doc appt, he thinks im having a early miscarrage. Came home and took another clear blue just to see what it would say and it came up not pregnant. I have a scan at 10.10am 2mw. Just dont know what to think. I think the negative test just kinda confirms that i have had a miscarrage. Its been a whirlwind few days 


  • I miscarried last Monday.  I'm sorry but it sounds like you have too, it's great your Doctors are giving you a scan, mine don't want to see me or do anything.  I will make an appointment though soon because this is my third miscarriage.  

  • Hi Meme 

    Sorry to hear that :( heartbreaking isnt it? I tried 3 years for my son whos now 8 and its taken me 8 years to get pregnant again. Had given until i got a positive on fri and now this happens. Im still kinda holding out on hope even though in my heart of hearts the baby has probably gone. Thats bad that your doc wont give u an antenatal appt :( but yeah def get those miscarrages checked out 

    Lisa x

  • I felt the same, kept holding out hope.  Ive been trying for almost 2 years.  And back to trying now.  

  • Hi Meme 

    Today was confirmed that i had a miscarrage :( 

    Hope your well 

    Lisa x 

  • I'm sorry to hear that Lisa, best wishes for your recovery 

  • Aww meme sorry to hear about your mc 😔 Hope you recover quickly x

    lilLisa sorry to hear about your mc and also hope you recover quickly x

  • Thanks Emma.  I'm in my new tww 🤞

    How are things with you? 

  • Fingers crossed meme

    yeah things are good Jensen is now 6 weeks today just started getting him into a bedtime routine which is hard 

    Has your gp referred you to someone now you have had 3?  

  • Aww I thought you must of had your baby, congratulations.  

    I need to book an appointment to go back to gp, I'm so put off by how little theyve helped before.  I'm testing early and as soon as I get a line no matter how faint ile get straight on to them.  

  • Im hoping someone can help me. Im ttc and iv had all the signs of being preggers. My period was due last saturday its now tuesday. How ever iv had the cevix mucus you get when your preggers. And nearly every single symptom. But last night i had pink spptting. This morning i have heavy red blood. Like a period. Im really joping someone can help me 

  • have you taken a pregnancy test? 

  • BBefore my period was due. Both negative 

  • Ideally it would of been best to take one after.  from the bleeding you describe I wouldn’t of thought you would still be pregnant if you were  (a test or going to the doctors for a blood test I’d really in doubt would most likely answer that)

    it’s unlikely you will ever know if it was just a funky cycle or an early indication of pregnancy, in which case it could be a chemical pregnancy or early miscarriage. 

  • Hi all can anyone help? Tuesday I had 3 positive test very faint but I saw it. Also a clear blue was negative that same day. Tested again next morning and same faint line for positive. Following day I started to bleed but nothing much and browny colour. Today I seem to be having a normal period. Is it possible I could be pregnant still or have I had a chemical pregnancy? I would say I am only a few weeks at the most! I'm waiting for the doctor to call me back today to see what I should do next. :(

  • Can anyone help...

    I found out on tuesday that i was pregnant a few hrs after finding out i started with backache it then wen onto stomach pains the next day i started to bleed but only when i went to the toilet and wiped i had period pains also. I went to the hospital sat there for hours had bloods took when i finally was seen by a dr they confirmed that i was pregnant but said that the bleeding was not an emergency and that i had to go back on saturday for a scan. The bleeding is getting worse now everytime i go to the toilet its full of blood not alot on the pad tho and the pains have now gone. Im sacred any1 had this problem

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