i feel really sick n got bad backache im due today do u think this is a sign.

abbie+bluebump 40wk


  • i think it could be a sign. changes in hormones that bring on labour can make you feel sick, they can also give you the runs. i think the backache could be the start of labour but it can last a few days unfortunately. keep an eye out for a show when you go to the toilet. oh and good luck xxx
  • wen i went to the loo yesterday i saw summink in the loo ive never noticed b4 i think it was my show have'nt had nethign else since.ive had backache pelvic pain n everything else u can think of 4 ages but have'nt felt sick in ages n backache is gettin worse hopin that tonight is the night
  • oh im really excited for you. for a few days before my son was born i had the worst backache and by 6pm every night it was forcing me into a warm bath as it was the only relief i could get. i had my show a couple of hours after my conractions had started.
    emma 37+6
  • kl ive been gettin really bad backache i have to lay down lets hope its tonight gd luck 2 u xxx
  • sending you labour vibes xxxxxxx
    emma 37+6
  • ooooooo im gettin all excited 4 u

    keep us posted!!

    elaine xx
  • Sounds like labour to me! i had really bad back ache when i was having my son cause he was moving down and you do feel really sick (saying that i was sick constantly throughtout my labour) apparently its your bodys way of emptying its self so it doesnt have anything else to concentrate on when you in labour!
  • good luck girls hope everything goes perfect for you and your lo's
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