Hi, sorry just noticed ur question on the pethidine post about waterbirth. I just wanted to say it was the best experience ever and i really think it did really help with the pain, u can always give it a go then if u decide its not for u then just come out, i wasnt sure if i actually wanted to give birth in the water but now looking bk i wouldnt have had it ne other way, she is such a laid bk baby and loves the water and if im lucky enough to have a 3rd baby then i would def do it again. xxx


  • Thanks for this, was very excited to see a FAO lol, such a saddo.

    I am going to ask about it all a bit later on, only 6+1 at the moment so its a bit early to be planning stuff but I had read a lot of positive things about it and I am quite interested so it's nice to have someone tell me a bit more about it.

    Having read the pro's and con's of pethidine and epi I am put off both but obviously will have to keep an open mind in case I need one or the other but if there is another option I would definately prefer to avoid both!

    Did the water birth give as much pain relief as the pethidine, lots of people have said that pethidine doesn't give pain relief just stops you caring lol!

    Also can you have gas and air in the water?

    Sorry for all the questions, I really like the idea of a water birth and would love to hear more about it.
  • well i found with the pethidine i felt totally out of it- like ur really drunk, u can still feel the pain but it jus felt like a really surreal situation, kind of felt like it wasnt my body, its really hard to explain tho, lol
    the water birth was totally the opposite experience-very calm and i knew i was in control, i didnt have gas and air but u can if u like, they dimmed the lights down for me so it was very relaxing. xxxx
  • hi im so sorry to gatecrash your post but i had pethedine with my son and i felt like i was watching from above but could still feel the pain so ive asked if i can have a water birth this time as i want to avoid an epidural or pethedine if possible and i heard water births were so much better experience as the weight is lifted , however im not sure how i will feel so i wont rule out pethedine (or meptid as i think is actually what i was given )can i just ask what did u wear in the water and did u have a spare item of clothing for if u wanted to get out ?

    thanks and sorry again for gatecrashing

    lisa 37&5 xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • It sounds a lot more calm and civilised! I am definately going to ask my MW about it and my options, I'm very interested though. Thanks for the info.
  • thats no prob, feel free to ask ne thing else if u need to, im normally over on baby or baby born in sept 08, but do have a nose on here aswell, lol. xxx

    chuffedbaby2- i know what u mean about feeling like u were watching from above but still feeling the pain- thats exactly how i felt. i jus wore the top half of a tankini, felt like i kept a tiny bit of dignity by not bein completely naked!! ha ha. i also packed an old nightie just incase the pools were all bein used. xxx
  • ahh thanks butterfly i was thinkin about an old t shirt and then taking a spare as i dont have a tankini top that fits and cant afford one till i get paid( i will get one if baby is late as i get paid on my due date lol).....xxxx
  • I am also hoping to try a water birth and was wondering what to wear- thanks ladies!

    It does worry me slightly that you cant 'reserve' the pool! Dont want to get my hopes up and it be busy!
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