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feelng angry

:\?i dont know if this is normal as this is my first baby, my baby girl is due the 25th of july and i cannot wait to meet her, see her, cuddle and love her. i seem to be getting cross and angry with everyone?


  • Hormones have a bloody lot to ansa for don't they!!!

  • when does it stop? lol i cant go another 14 weeks angry i wont have any friends or family left
  • I've gone through the same thing - I'm normally a pretty placcid laid back person and it takes bit to rile me but for the last couple of months I've been seriously irritable and grumpy. I seem to cry really easily for no reason and everyone is annoying me! I have been lashing out at my family and I've been really trying to bite my tongue but it's so hard! I hate being like this! I find it really hard to stop!
  • I am so glad its not just me. I have felt more irritable for the whole pregnancy but recently I have had feeling in the last week I have not felt before. Im 26wks and I sware I could of put the hoover through the tele last night! I was so angry I had a physical urge to break something - I mean what is that about?!?! Im having a boy and wondered if it was down to the males hormones LOL ?!?!

    I didn't break anything by the way - but told my hubby of he wound me up then I would not be responsible for my actions!! (Like I would break my Dyson and flat screen tele!! - but the thought crossed my mind - why???)

    I hope it goes away... for the sake of the house! Oh and I cry ALL the time (most days) but I can handle that.

    Wishing xXx
  • its perfectly normal - my OH gets so much abuse when im pregnant bless him then after uv had baby and tired from night feeds u can get pretty grouchy then too! - or at least i do!

    dont worry too much coz it is hormones and anticipation mixed up together - not a good combination but perfectly normal.

  • It is totally normal hon!

    I have never written so many complaint letters and emails as I have then got wound up when nothing happens.

    At the beginning of my pregnancy I smashed anything I could get my hands on! For months we couldnt walk around bare foot in here lol. I split up with my OH and allsorts happened!

    I just had/have this HUGE rage bubbling away under the surface but I have learnt to control it a lot now (cant afford to break any more dinner plates, etc) but am tending more towards bursting into tears at the moment lol
  • I have no patience with anyone! At work I really have to control myself not to say what I think to them all (not necessarily a bad thing telling them all what I think but not really ideal for creating a happy and healthy working environment!)
    It's the hormones and there's always a bit of me thinking 'what you moaning for, you might have a sore head/ bit of a cold/ hangover/blah, blah, blah. I'm growing a person inside me, don't remember what alcohol tasters like and HAVEN'T FELT WELL FOR SIX MONTHS!!
    There overuse of capital letters always makes me feel better!
    Mel x
  • Hey mummym capital letters are great aren't they :lol:

    They really let you let of steam without bursting anybody's eardrums :lol:

  • I LIKE EXCLAMATION MARKS TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They help lol
  • lol, im the same. Im having to give up my cats as I dont have a partner to grouch at and it isnt fair to shout at them all the time - it isnt their fault if they are hungry/want to go out/thirsty lol. gawd im gonna be a terrible mum lol xxxx
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