antibodieis in blood?

hi, iv had loads of trouble with my blood since being pegnant, my plateles in my blood have been really high then go rapidly low(a sign of pre eclapsia) so had lots of test done but they have finally setteled down a bit, then i have really high levels of iron then again going very low.
then iv been tested for oc and they have found obnormailties to do with my liver, had numberous of blood test, monitering baby etc

the hospical arnt very helpful and at one point was telling me i will be induced early, but heard nothing again since! so thought everything must be normal has they dont seem worried.

and now they have foung antibodies in my blood, i asked my mw what kind and she doesent know!! but says if the hospical was worrid they would be in touch and that worse case scenorio is that my baby will be born with jaundice!

also got a letter from doctor whos told me they want to repeat my liver fuction blood test and bile levels 4 weeks after iv given birth! im soo stressed sooner baby arrives the better. really scared of going till 40 weeks now incase i do have something wrong with liver has it can cause stillbirths!

sorry my rants a little long xxxx

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