Very worried

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is posted somewhere else on here, i just need some advice.

I am 8 weeks pregnant tomorrow. On Monday i experienced some brown discharge and my GP referred me for a scan. Everything seemed fine and there was a heartbeat.

Last night the discharge came back and has seemed to become worse today. I have also stated to experience some cramping and am so worried that i am miscarrying.

Has anyone else suffered from this before? I would be grateful for your help and advice.

Thank you

Sarah xx


  • Hi hun

    I have not had this before but the fact the blood is brown and not red it good. I would just ring your GP again just to let him know the same thing has happened again and seems to have got worse and is followed but some cramping.

    They say you can still get implantation bleeding in the early days so this is what this could be.

    K xx
  • HI hun- i agree with K-Lou, if its brown its a good sign.
    However, I totally understand your worry.
    i had some bleeding at 7 weeks and went to epu, who were fntastic. Do you have an EPU in your area? I presented at A7E and they sent me up to epu at the hospital who did blood tests and a scan.
    I'm sure everyting is fine hun, but to ease your ming get checked out.


  • Hi,

    Thank you for your advice. I ended up down A&E yesterday afternoon, just started my new job too!!

    I had really bad abdominal cramps with red blood this time. They gave me a scan and the baby is still there and has a strong heartbeat, but they found bleeding in the uterus away from the sac so are treating it as a threatened miscarriage. I am only 7 + 2 so it's still early days.

    Have been signed off work for one week to rest. I'm just hoping the baby stays put.

    Sarah xx
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