Passive Smoking?


Just wondered if anyone knew whether I should be worried about passive smoking. I had to move back into my parents for while, I moved back in May and my baby is due tomorrow. My mother smokes at least 40+ fags a day, she has no intention of giving up. I'm just worried that her smoking may have caused problems for my baby. I bought one of those air purifiers to help with the problem although I know it won't cure it 100%. I confronted my mum about the smoking when the baby arrives and her response was its her house and she can do what she wants, she said that she smokes in the kitchen so what more do I want ! The downstairs of the house is open plan so smoking in the kitchen is kind of pointless in my eyes. I don't know what to do apart from confine myself and my baby when she arrives to my bedroom!


  • hi ladies hope your all well today.

    i think thats really inconciderate (sp?!) of your parents i'm living at home and although my dad does smoke like a chimney he only smokes in one of the rooms in the house which has the computer in. so even when i'm in here it does smell of smoke but he doesn't smoke around me. i asked him when i moved back and he was fine about it.
    i know how hard it is for people to stop as i smoked before i found out i was pregnant but i was always aware of my neices and nephews and other peoples kids and never smoked around them.

    i'm sorry if i'm speak ing out of turn but your only looking out for the welfare of your children and i think they're just being selfish.

  • Hi Leigh

    I thought you were getting your own place?

    Oh my word, I can't believe you're due tomorrow, how exciting! I haven't seen you on here for a while, how have you been?

    Take care x
  • Hi Pixie

    I'm ok. How's you? Still waiting on the council to sort something out as my partner and I can't really afford to private rent otherwise I'd be out of here.
    Its gone really quick I still can't believe it, I don't think she's gonna make an appearance today unfortunately.
  • I'm good. Spencer is 15 weeks old and doing really well, he's so smiley its lovely.

    I'm trying to train him to take his day-time naps in his cot upstairs but its hard. We're trying controlled crying as recommended by my HV but leaving him crying for 15-20mins while I listen on the baby monitor is NOT easy. I think he's just dropped off cos its gone quiet, I wish we'd bought one of those monitors with the little screen so you can see what LO is up to! Oh no spoke too soon, he's crying again.

    I hope your LO makes a timely arrival. Spencer made me wait an extra 2 weeks and I wouldn't wish that on anyone!

    Good luck x
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