OMG - Info from TfaB forum!!!

Have you googled your username???????????

Just nipped over to Trying for a baby and found this out!!

Just thought you might like to know! I am such an innocent didnt realise this would come up on Google!!!

Love Lee


  • omg i didnt kno that happend that scary!!!!!!
  • Te he, all I get is a lot of websites selling hair stuff and a few head boards on E-bay lol. I googled you two though and I see what you mean!
  • Zoey,

    Do a google search of your username Zoey85!!!
  • OH NO can't believe my posts came up- I know anyone could look on here but didn't think they'd find me through google!
  • Oh my god that is just wrong ppl can look at pictures of me and my daughter without me even knowing them i dont like the idea

    of this Sophie 35+2 xx
  • oh ive just googled it and i'm really feel a bit worried! ive share LOADS here! x
  • omg!
    i am a 33yr old african male! and bout half dosen females.....image
  • sorry and a african woman looking 4 a date!!
    Scrolled through sum and a post i did on here came up, omg....

    [Modified by: nezy on March 28, 2008 07:55 AM]
  • Just tried that and it's quite scary.
  • I didn't know it'd come up in a search. I use 3 different baby sites and all 3 have come up when googled.

  • I work in website marketing and I'm sure I remember that there is something that can be done to hide website content from search engines.
    What I don't know is if it can be applied to just the chat and blog forums or if it has to be applied to the whole site. I can understand why web-ed wouldn't want the whole site hidden from search engines.
    It's worth asking though ? Suz x
  • I had no idea that could happen. Quite scary given the size of WWW that it does actually find us!!
  • does anyone know HOW we can hide it? x
  • No idea im afraid! I just found this out from a posting in Trying for a baby. One of them had googled something and it came up with her own posting from on here!!!!
  • Thats really bad.

    Although I feel lucky as when I typed in Caza I got back Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums lol and none of my posts.

  • God as you say we have all shared so mush on here, alot of which is personal information as well as thoughts and feelings that we maybe wouldn't want others to see! Def think the web ed needs to do something about this!
    Tammi xxx
    28.6 weeks
  • mine didn't come up, im one of the lucky people lol. it is quite bad that it comes up with all of your posts and everything. I thought only members could read these xxxx
  • thats really bad - i didn't know that they could do that

    a bit scary and a bit weird

    Jen x
  • OMG!!! I BRING UP 7 POSTS ALL ABOUT ME!!! it even has my due date on their !!! plus my myspace page to !!!
    thats a bit scary !!

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